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Hi friends, my name is Amur, and my bitcointalk username is Gucci Flip Flops.
Today we will talk about such an interesting project, called MOZO This project seemed to me quite interesting, as it fulfills a very important mission, namely attracting targeted traffic of customers to various retail stores. This development seems quite interesting, because it has already been tested in the store 361 degrees and brought the traffic an additional 20% increase.

Such a high figure convinced the creators of MOZO to expand their industry and to collect ICO for the development of their project. As the project progressed, various large companies joined it, who saw that the project was reaching a new level and would be interesting in the future, but about everything in order.

What is the MOZO project?
With the help of blockchain technology, which will work on your mobile smartphone, in all stores that will work in this company, MOZO applications will be introduced that will track activity.

As a buyer, you will be offered to visit these stores and buy goods in them. For these simple actions, you will receive MOZO tokens as a reward. This creates a unique and useful ecosystem in which sellers and buyers will work in one stream. Tokens can be obtained not only for purchases, but also for simple shopping. Thus, traffic in these stores is increasing, and buyers find all the necessary services for themselves.

Who will provide all the necessary services for customers?
This is perhaps one of the most interesting parts of this story. In stores cooperating with the company MOZO will be built certain sensors that will track attendance of visitors. In addition to these sensors, an app will be available to sellers in the store with which they can track your individual activity and your shopping preferences. They will see the history of your purchases, as well as other information that you were interested in coming to this store.

Knowing all the necessary information, the seller can offer you the most suitable product for your convenience. Such a service will no doubt be very pleasant, because you will save a huge bunch of your time searching for the necessary goods.

Why do we need a MOZO token and what functions does it perform?
MOZO token will be utilitarian on this platform. Serving it will be as a reward for customers, and also act as a key supporting link of this ecosystem. With this token, customers will also be able to receive various discounts in stores that cooperate with this platform. This token will be universal and go beyond the usual framework of ordinary coupon rewards. Token Mozo you can sell on the crypto exchange and get for it the funds. Also it can be bought for cash in order to use it inside this ecosystem.

I will use the useful functions of this project to unite in one common ecosystem, which will benefit everyone. Stores finally Get additional attendance, And customers will receive good service and additional rewards.

Now the project is at the fund-raising stage and at the moment more than $ 31 million was raised. Such impressive collections show the seriousness of this project, as well as the presence of major partners and investors who have invested in its development. If you are a major investor, then for you at the stage of purchases will be available to various discounts, up to 20%

The team of this project is quite large and professional. All specialists have vast experience in the field of technology blockchain, as well as other major financial projects. To get acquainted with the full list of the team you can on the official site I would like to note not only high professionalism, but also verification in the network LinkedIn, where you can find for yourself all the necessary information about this or that specialist.

The team does not hesitate to show themselves and find all their previous work you can not only in social networks, but in other projects where they took part. Long-term experience of work of older members of the team, as well as energy of young members will be able to bring the project to an entirely new level. Together with the advisers, I counted more than 30 people who are working on the development of this project.

Now I would like to sum up the results of this project.
I certainly liked the project, because it offers a real product that will be in demand both for a huge number of stores and for ordinary consumers. In addition, we are offered to invest money is not an approximate project, the development of which has not yet begun, but in an already existing one, which has proved itself to be well established in practice. Now this project has about 38,000 stores and the list is planned to expand to 300,000 for several years.

Such serious indicators certainly can not but affect the well-being of this project and I hope that about he will collect the maximum funds for his development. If you also like this project, I recommend that you hurry up and buy the tokens of this project, because if you achieve the Hard Cap - you simply can not have time to buy them. All the necessary links for review I leave below and I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with various aspects of this project.

I also wanted to say one important and very interesting news - MOZO project concluded an agreement and partnership with one of the most respectable and expensive brands - Versace.

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