DEBITUM — blockchain technology to distribute fiat investment to the world of small and medium enterprises.

The Debitum Network is a distributed ecosystem consisting of various partners involved in the financing process of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), risk assessors, insurance companies, investors, debt collectors and other opponents who all use Debitum tokens as the only means of payment possible among themselves while transacting within the Debitum Network. The Debitum token utility will be multifold. We have analyzed possible token models, applying these findings to the use of the Debitum Network and to Debitum’s wish to perform two key roles in the ecosystem.The role of value exchange to build and maintain the economy Debitum Network — The Debit Token will be used by borrowers and investors to purchase services on an ecosystem with the ability to set the price of services obtained in accordance with the quantity and quality of service received.The toll role forces counterparties to have skin-in-the-game — Token Debitum will be used as collateral to guarantee delivery of counterparties services. Token will also be used to run a Trust Arbitrage intelligent contract that will show the level of trust of each network partner within the ecosystem. In this way the token will ensure and guarantee the credibility of the Network Debitum

Global Credit

In accordance with the World Bank’s review, about 70% of all micro, small
and medium-sized enterprises in emerging markets have no access to credit. The strata of small and medium business are the most 

 Strata of small and medium business is the most promising target audience for investors Among industry experts, the financing of small business is considered today as a registered globalissue address formally small business accounted for more than half of GDP in developed countries.

Decentralized Blockchain

Blockchain design allows to ensure the highest transparency and trust, enabling automate processes using smart contracts and their decentralized nature allows for the exponential growth of the number of members in any solution-based blockchain. 


Globalization of capital

The continued decentralization of borrowing and financial service disruptions, therefore, will likely continue to narrow the credit gap for SMEs. There is a lot of capital available to be invested in various financial instruments or lent for the benefit of all developed countries. Available capital for loans, however, is limited in less developed parts of the world.

The three main pillars of the DEBITUM ecosystem

The Debitum Network is based on three important pillars that ensure its uniqueness, disruption and will ensure positive results on smalling credit loopholes.

  • True decentralization
  • HYBRID connects crypto and fiat
  • Trust Base
  1. True decentralization — There are 154 countries represented by the World Bank where the experience of SMEs has a credit slit and where solu- tions such as the Debitum Network can help close the gap
    by providing partner ecosystems and linking them to global investors. However, by saying that the new Debitum Network team will be established in 154 countries and bringing ecosystems into their own markets will be a mistake. 

 Debitum Network is the inital market maker and facilitator to solve worldwide credit gap by connecting SMEs with global investors who can rely on services provided by local or regional counterparts, ie verifcaton, risk assessment, insurance, debt collecting It is possible to reduce global investors to distribute their available capital. Communist is decentralized and truly global, comprising various service providers and ‘insttutonal borrowers’ — alternative phenomenal companies serving SMEs that can reduce global investment and restructure their portfolios using the Debitum Network.2. HYBRID connects crypto and fiat — The ecosystem has a designated facilitator to take care of all fiat transactions, it is worth noting on blockchain using smart contracts and ensuring that the ecosystem can be used from day one 

 The hybrid approach allows us to combine the current state of business practice with the infrastructure blockchain of the operatonal ecosystem from day one. The Debitum Network will be able to develop and transfer capital related to the loan on the blockchain. Meanwhile, Debitum will work hard to promote blockchain solutions to SMEs around the world.3. Base of Trust — By combining reliable and efficient fiat operations, Debitum Network’s blockchain-based financing process will ensure high interest from SMEs and investors. Because borrowing is primarily driven by trust in the borrower, the Debitum Network will ensure that all transactions will relate to the trust of smart contract arbitration that will give trust to each of the single counterparty as well as the counterparty commune.  

 To ensure trust Debitum network confidence arbitration smart contract (smart contract) will be a blockchain-based facts such as smart service contracts involved. Any positve experience (such as a successful Implementing smart service contract) will add some trust rating points.

  • Value Exchange — as the Debitum token is the only means of payment in the Debitum Network.
  • Toll — all service providers must freeze a number of Debitum tokens
    to ensure the implementation of future services through a trust arbitrage mechanism (Trust Arbitrage)
Token Distribution

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