Recordskeeper as the new era of data security

This project opens an access to keep the control over every record. The system is powered by blockchain to provide transparency and to guarantee security for every user. Recordskeeper came to destroy all problems with data keeping.

Main problems in data security

We live in a world where data sometimes is the most important treasure. As the result, it is so much important to be sure that it possible to create safe conditions to keep it. But with the opportunities of high-tech, it is easy to treat. So, humanity needs a solution which can protect the information:

  • provide transparency of distribution;
  • offer the key to check all the data changes;
  • protect data from others.

When someone has a file (it could be someone’s copy), it is possible to edit and send it to the next user. It would be not easy to find the fact that information has been changed. With the help of Recordskeeper people who use and own data can check its actual position and all details about editions.

How Recordskeeper can solve the problems

It is a decentralized ecosystem which was created to bring the full-time control over every data with an opportunity for integrity checking. With the help of the platform, it would be possible to provide fast and secure data transfer, sharing and keeping. It is a kind of data storage on blockchain for users which provide an access and can guarantee safeness. Recordskeeper can show its real power in such areas as:

  • bank work;
  • government;
  • social media;
  • social services etc.

At the same time, the platform can be used for every single customer need. For example, with the help of Recordskeeper it would be possible to:

  • create and keep copyrights;
  • keep ownership (real estate or something else).

The main mechanism of work: right after user will download data he prefers to keep, it will be transferred on blockchain (to the full register). Every change will be noted to provide a full list of corrections. As the result, the customer can check credibility whenever he wants. In case if someone wants to keep data being untouchable, it is possible to use special settings.There are no limits – every person can keep as much information as he wants.

When Recordskeeper rules the world

In case if Recordskeeper will be the basis of data transfer, people all over the world are going to be sure that their information is reliable. It is the way to create the real trust between users.
So, as you can see, Recordskeeper is a solution we need. This project will build a strong wall which can protect users from lie and provide trust. It is future without fake data and we deserved it.

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