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Hello, dear subscribers finally came at the weekend, which means I have time to write about another potentially profitable project that has already collected Soft Cap, and gradually becomes a very popular project. We are talking about a project called TOMBOLA, but first, we'll talk about gambling, about the pros and cons. 

At all times, if we follow the behavior and nature of man, many people there was a strange thirst for risk, which is often emphasized by the desire for wealth and other material goods. However, if in ancient times a person had enough risk in his daily life, with the development of our society gradually arose the problem of global "boredom" of a huge part of The world's population. On this basis, a variety of "adrenaline junkies", adventurers and gamblers were born. Of course, gambling is not particularly appreciated in modern society and if you ask many people how they feel about them, very few people can give a positive response. But to be honest, it's a scientifically proven fact that gambling increases your lifespan. The game has a very positive effect on the emotional state of a person. Gambling people often forget about the problems that put pressure on him an hour ago. Improving the emotional state reduces the likelihood of cardiovascular and mental diseases, and games are very well training our memory and logical thinking. 

But the problem is that many casinos and online casinos began to use such human factors as the desire to gamble, and came up with various ways to deceive a person and take his values and money. Especially adjusting computers of slot machines, dooming the player to constant loss, and adjusting design of a game and its sounds, to mental intervention, forcing the player to play until he, will not lose all the means. According to the same principle, all lottery games work, where everything is already falsified in advance. Hence, accordingly, all negative comments towards gambling. But blockchain technologies can change our world for the better, and TOMBOLA paid much attention to this problem. 

TOMBOLA is a gaming platform built on a decentralized basis, introducing blockchain technology, we will forever be able to create an honest gaming platform, where no one under any circumstances will not be able to deceive you. TOMBOLA is an application of high security of your funds and your personal data. I have repeatedly come across on the Internet on the article, which was told about the hacking of centralized gaming platforms, and hackers completely siphoned off all the money users. With the TOMBOLA project, you can be 100% sure that this will not happen to you, thanks to the high level of protection and blockchain technologies, you can sleep peacefully and not worry about your money.  

At the moment, the project is ready at the beta level, and you can already play their games and earn their tokens, all bets will take place inside the game currency token TBL, you can store it as well and exchange for Fiat money. The application is available 4 games that I am now available to you to describe.  

  • Black & White 

The first game of the project TOMBOLA in which I managed to play, all you need to do is to guess in what capacity the water will flow from the tap, into a white container or black, so you choose the number of tokens delivered, when you win you get the appropriate number of tokens equal to your bet, when you lose you lose the tokens delivered. In order to join the game you just need to register on their website, make the right amount of money and play.  

  • Turtle Race 

The game is a choice of three different turtles, which will compete according to the rules of athletics, which of them will come running first and won, turtles will be of different colors, red, blue and green. That turtle on which you put the first will allow you to triple your winnings from the perfect bet. The game is very pleasant for the eyes and it is interesting to watch it even without making bets, I highly recommend you to try it. 

  • Three Dice  

This game is more like a dice game, for example, you have chosen the values down, and when you roll the dice in the total dropped values from 3 – to 10 it will mean that you won, and if there is a sum of 11 – to 18 will mean that you lost. And also if you put the values up, to win the fallen number must be in the amount of 11-to 18. Very addictive game and most similar to the game included in the number of casinos. 

  • 5/20 Lotto  

The last game to date is a standard game of bingo, you will be given a ticket and the prize will be in the event that closed at least 5 of 20 values. 

Conclusion : 

In my opinion, a lot of users will be interested in the project, already entering their platform, you can see that there are a considerable number of players who bet and earn tokens until the ICO passes and the TBL token is born, all transactions take place in Bitcoin and Ethereum. So you can go right now and earn and increase your capital, and I, in turn, want to wish you good rates and big wins! ;)   

Crowdsale : 

  • Token TBL 
  • PreICO Price 1 TBL = 0.04508 USD 
  • Price 1 TBL = 0.04508 USD 
  • Bonus Available 
  • MVP/Prototype Available 
  • Platform Ethereum 
  • Accepting ETH 
  • Minimum investment 0.1 ETH 
  • Soft cap 25,000,000 TBL 
  • Hard cap 250,000,000 TBL 
  • Country Hong Kong 
  • Whitelist/KYC None 
  • Restricted areas USA, China  

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ETH adress- 0x9C8fbC5e9B981e2d1f229Ad9cF2F8E8dA3DA5ac5 

This publication is for informational purposes only. The article should not be considered as an investment recommendation or advice. Readers of this review article should make decisions based on their own judgment, taking into account the financial circumstances, the purpose of investment and the risk limit before investing. 

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