MEDIA Protocol is communication protocol of the future


In one of the previous articles, I looked at the interaction of content creators, writers, and consumers. With the advent of blockchain technology, people more and more want to interact directly with their customers, bypassing intermediaries that increase the cost of the final product. Campaigns, writers, producers want to know their client, conduct a dialogue with him, be as useful as possible, and eventually - make friends. What can induce the consumer to attract attention? Firstly, it is the creation of high-quality content, the opportunity to choose what they like, get reliable and necessary information, encourage them in the form of bonuses, discounts and opportunities to earn.

MEDIA Protocol offers a decentralized open platform for data exchange, which takes into account the wishes of consumers, ensures the work of publishers without intermediaries, directly with the consumer. MEDIA Protocol is a multi-directional ecosystem that operates without intermediaries. Readers reward the publisher. MEDIA Protocol rewards the consumer: for viewing, likes, commenting, etc. Tokens can be spent on paid content, used as thanks to your favorite blogger, transferred to other tokens. The platform uses Paywalled tokens on the ERC20 contract.


MEDIA Protocol created the application CryptoCatnip. CryptoCatnip - takes into account the needs of the consumer, using the blockchain technology and offers relevant media and news. Developed an application for iOS and Android SDK. Now when watching the information that interests us, whether it's news from the World Cup or when choosing a coffee maker for your beloved grandmother, we will be rewarded with company tokens.

With the development of the Internet, it is increasingly difficult to find reliable quality information. The platform is going to reach a new stage of development in the field of providing information. It will be easier for the consumer to find the necessary data and publications.

The platform will help marketers, agencies, writers, creators of advertising, brands, social networks be customer-oriented. I would like to note that the number of fees the publisher can regulate, depending on the purpose, effectiveness, and focus. If you think that the first watch hours are the most valuable (although the consumer reluctantly looks through new publications, is more interested in what has already been published), you can increase the number of rewards at this time, and all subsequent scans will be evaluated cheaper. If you are more interested in feedback from the consumer than the likes, you can increase the amount of remuneration for comments, etc.

MEDIA Protocol uses blockchain not just as a new fashion trend. With the help of this technology:

  • such a link as mediation is excluded, the publisher and the reader can interact directly.
  • the possibility of manipulation is excluded, any fraud will be disclosed
  • the possibility of fast payments

MEDIA Protocol provides an opportunity for content creators to have full access to their content. The publisher himself interacts with his customer, determines the subscription fee, and discounts him. The price for different consumers can differ significantly. It defines the subscription periods: one-time, daily, weekly and monthly, etc.

The priority for the company is to ensure openness to the consumer and publisher, the desire to avoid the use of bots and multi-accounts. Reputation is not due to time, but to the authentication of the individual. The company will conduct verification of accounts, both consumers and publishers. Verification by MEDIA Protocol will serve as a guarantor that will make life easier for all.


Conclusion: Every year the information industry is developing more and more, it is becoming more and more difficult to select high-quality material. MEDIA Protocol aims to create an ecosystem that will provide quality content, without intermediaries. The MEDIA Protocol is earned not only by publishers but also by consumers. The platform provides an unlimited opportunity for almost everyone: publishers, consumers, brands, distributors, promoters. It is worthwhile to look at the platform and study it in more detail.

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