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The small animations, patches, and pop-ups of the pop-up window, sidebar, and bottom bar basically represent my impression of online advertising. What they have in common is: I don't care if I want to see it, most of the ads are not related to the content of the page, block the content I want to see, and waste my time...

However, Odaily Planet Daily recently contacted Vidy, an artificial intelligence and blockchain-based video ad embedding layer, to create a new form of online advertising with NLP (Natural Language Processing) and distributed video rendering technology: advertising or extension After the video of the information is embedded into the text of the page through the SDK, only the reader will play and interact when the user presses it long. The "text is the advertising space" changes the mandatory, irrelevant, occupied and time-consuming pain points of the traditional advertisement. At the same time, Vidy also used the token economy to promote a win-win situation for advertisers, news sites and readers.

Star Species | Online advertising is too annoying? "Vidy" wants to achieve a win-win situation with the innovative form of "text is the advertising space" and the token economy.

Come and feel it, long press to watch the small video, the token to the hand is soaring, pull down and buy directly

First introduce the whole process of advertising from the backend to the user:

Once the advertiser or brand becomes a Vidy member, upload a small video ad within 15 seconds to Vidy's server and select the text from the website or APP that you want to link to. Miners in the Vidy distributed network get VidyCoin by "running the script" and decrypting the access data. When the user sees the highlighted text, long press to view a small zero-latency video (which may be an advertisement or an extended content) that floats above the text and is rewarded with a small amount of VidyCoin depending on the length of the watch. The user can exit the game at any time, or pull down further interactions (such as jumping to the music playing APP, directly purchasing the product and paying in the future), without having to open a new page and then searching.

Explain again the "three-way win-win" mentioned above:

Readers can choose whether to watch advertisements and benefit from watching advertisements (small amount of tokens); advertisements or information are strongly related to the content they browse, and can skip subsequent pages to complete subsequent searches, purchases, etc.; no need to download large files to local Small video is intelligently buffered in advance in the background, without delaying the card; personal data is anonymously locked in the smart contract, and is protected anonymously by the blockchain.

Brand side, you can refer to Vidy's user big data analysis, choose more accurate distribution channels, enhance the conversion rate; more intelligently interact with users directly; clearly see the contribution of each participant in the chain, understand the usefulness of the funds, Prevent budget waste caused by data fraud.

The news company saves the page position, gives the user the choice of viewing the advertisement, wins the good feeling; improves the user's stay time, comments sharing, and strengthens the stickiness; the extended information (non-advertising) does not reward the token, but enriches the content presentation form. And does not occupy its own server; Vidy does not conflict with traditional advertising, and brings a new revenue model.

Of course, here is also to talk about Vidy's own "benefits". Vidy is more likely to issue its own tokens than to find the application scenario and re-acquire the company, and quickly expand the scale of the incremental users. Vidy's larger imagination is “decentralized e-commerce”, which uses big data to analyze readers' preferences and guide users to the shopping interface. Because of the “crossing” of search engines and intermediate channels, the price of goods will be more Cheap. At the same time, VidyCoin was given a usage scenario to C.

Vidy's core barrier lies in the accumulation of 2 years of NLP technology, currently targeting Chinese, English and Indonesian, with recognition accuracy above 90%. When looking for the "big scene" of this technology, the team is optimistic about the advertising market with obvious pain points and high ceilings.

According to reports, Vidy has officially cooperated with more than ten news platforms in Asia, including several top news websites in Indonesia (approximately 60% of the total market share). The product is scheduled to be officially launched in September and October this year.

Vidy will also make moderate customizations for different backgrounds, taking into account the control and delivery rules for content tones on different websites. The open natural language processing protocol of the consensus layer is open source, and the partners can clearly see the logic of content distribution. The SDK is free, and the news site needs to apply to become a Vidy member, and different levels of membership for different VidyCoin storage.

85% of the advertising spend is given to the news company that provides the location, 8% to the user who runs the script miner and the advertisement, and 7% to Vidy. Matthew Lim, co-founder and CEO of Asia Pacific, said Vidy is not in a hurry to make a profit. He hopes to cultivate user habits and expand cooperation resources such as news websites, advertisers and brand parties.

The team currently has more than 20 people, mainly in technology and design, base in Shanghai and San Francisco, and will expand market personnel in the near future. Patrick Colangelo, founder and CEO, graduated from Harvard University. He was the chairman of the Harvard Entrepreneurship Forum, the chairman of the Harvard Private Equity Group, and the founder and chairman of the current Black Diamond Capital (securities hedge fund). He invented the Vidy embedded layer and owns the patent. . Matthew Lim, a graduate of the National University of Singapore, has served as an investment executive at Credit Suisse. He has extensive IPO, mergers and acquisitions and bond issuance experience, and has successfully contributed to the cooperation and trading between Vidy and entertainment superstars and head companies.
In my opinion, the project is promising and should be given attention.


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