A blockchain based ecosystem designed to integrate immersive experiences, multidimensional learning, and personal development - HighVibe.Network

Introduction video about a company:


  • HighVibe.Network (https://www.highvibe.networkbenetworktoken) is an ecosystem that is designed to facilitate personal growth and development in all facets of life.
  • A token based ecosystem built for autonomous growth. Instantly rewarding users monetarily for participation on the platform for actions such as submitting quality content, voting, commenting, participating in campaigns, activating new users, and more.

The vision of the HighVibe network is to provide a revolutionary ecosystem for collective and personal transformation to accelerate the development of the Earth and humanity.

Some problems:

The problems where users are currently not incentivised for being consistent with online programs or courses. The dropout rates for online courses are about 96% where users are not that much motivated to complete their online courses. Authors and Creators are struggling to make profits from the publishers. Affiliates are generally paid with delays and inaccuracies, it usually takes 30 days for affiliates to get paid.

Mission: Personal development sometimes needs human interaction. HighVibe.Network’s ecosystem helps you actively participate in engaging activities. By utilizing HighVibe.Network’s multiple platforms, users will be able to interact with other like-minded individuals and elevate their human consciousness together!

  • The HighVibe Network defines an entirely new industry category known as Functional Entertainment - content that helps grow and develop, as well as entertain users.
  • According to the developers of the community, HighVibe Network is one of the most attractive offers of tokens of 2018, with a very high probability of long-term success. In a growing decentralized economy, projects serve their communities that will support users in the long term.

Business Model:

The tokenomics of the HighVibe.Network are interesting. The first point of interest is the feeless transactions, which are part of a growing trend in cryptocurrency.Another interesting thing is that that the platform itself 'cross sells' into several markets at the same time.

Which is more lucrative ( and a lot less risky ) than if it targeted just one market, such as yoga, for example.

But 'self help' is big business. Books, workshops, audio programs, dvds and online education are very big business. Given that I have a background in this field and worked in a self development bookstore for 15 years and my own clinic for 20, I can say that HighVibe.Network is covering the right ground to ensure economic viability. And therefore, sustainability and growth of the platform.

Token sale details:

Token – HV
Total Supply – 8,000,000,000 Tokens
Price – $0.015 USD
Soft Cap – $2.5 USD
Hard Cap – $44.2 USD
ICO Start Date – 8th August 2018

The HighVibe token is directly tied to product usage and consumption within the network. In turn, this gives the user enhanced interaction rights to various apps and web-based assets throughout the ecosystem. HighVibe.Network's plan is to leverage technologies so that authors, creators, and affiliates can monetize their content easily.



Website: [https://www.highvibe.network]

Telegram: [https://t.me/highvi]

Twitter: [https://twitter.com/HighVibeNetwork]

Facebook: [https://www.facebook.com/highvibe.network/]

LinkedIn: [https://www.linkedin.com/company/13673044/]

Instagram: [https://www.instagram.com/highvibenetwork/]

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