Gaming Legend, Danny Montaner joins Team Howdoo.

The Team Howdoo is delighted to announce that Danny Montaner is now an Advisor to Howdoo.


Danny (known to many as fRoD) is a pro-Counter-Strike player, from 2003–2012 he dominated the gaming scene with a consistent run of tournament first-place achievements. He was nominated for ‘eSports Player of the Year’ 2005 and awarded ‘North American Player of the Decade’ 2000–2010; with one reviewer writing, “He stands as the measuring stick by which all future North American players who seek to be considered elite must be compared”.

— Danny, why You chose to get involved with Howdoo?

— I’m excited to join Howdoo’s board because of the vision, product and more importantly, the team. I’ve spent my life perfecting teams and working within them and immediately hit it off with the Howdoo company and with the Founder, David Brierley. Howdoo presents a massive revenue opportunity that is untapped to everyone, not just gamers. This opportunity will help revolutionize the way we operate our social media world, and more importantly, make our revenue streams independent and decentralized.

The Team Howdoo is looking forward to sharing more news on this exciting development in the near future, particularly the impact it will have on their amazing gaming strategy and it looks for new and innovative ways to broaden the Howdoo horizon.


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