As we've all been waiting patiently for the Atomic wallet mobile app to be released, I've got a great news for everyone the Atomic mobile app called the Atomic Mobile alpha (version 0.0.30) has been released and rolled to those who sign up for the early testing. If you signed up for early adopter you've better check your email to download it. The app is on Android Playstore but only accessible to early adopter due to the fact that the App is still in it beta stage. The app works exactly like the PC Version with it aims is to allow more users to experience the Atomic wallet. As I've said in my previous post that Atomic wallet is a secured, convenient, reliable multicryptocurrency wallet which also has a decentralized exchange.


The Atomic mobile Alpha version 0.0.30 delivers the best to it users, making users feel relaxed and conformable when they hold or trade Cryptocurrency. The app is built with a friendly user interface and UX which facilitate the running of the app and makes it easier for users to use. Private keys created or restored on the app is encrypted on users device which makes the user the only owner of the keys. The mobile app also feature a high level security standards with it exchange been a decentralized exchange and the users is also required to setup password which will be asked to enter when ever the users open the app and also want to make transactions.
The Mobile app support Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, XLM and over 300 other coins and tokens which users can access any time. The Atomic mobile Alpha also features a local currency option which will enable users use credit card to buy cryptocurrency easily with just little fees. The Atomic exchange as on the PC still shares the same features with it aim to exchange cryptocurrency as a decentralized exchange instantly without the need for middle man or worries from buyer or seller. Screenshot_20181201-233909.png

The Atomic wallet mobile app is easy to use and reliable. If you are an early tester and finding it hard to run the app just follow the steps below:

First visit the link atomic wallet developer sent to you on your email and accept as an tester then the link will redirect you to Playstore which you can download it from.
After the download, open the Atomic wallet App and click on  new wallet to create a new wallet or restore to use your previous wallet. The app then ask for you to create a password which will be used for transactions security, make sure the you password input is strong and easy for you to remember as the app will ask for it frequently. Restoring a wallet will take you to the home page quickly.

For new wallet copy and write down the pass phrase given to you as it is the only way to gain access to your wallet if your device gets damaged. After click start using Atomic wallet, the next page will take a little longer to get by as all the wallets are been created at that moment. Then after you can start deposit and enjoy the Atomic wallet.

However the App will be available to the general public later as the app is currently in it beta stage to test for bugs and lags so as not to make it in the general public version. The App will receive several updates so as to fix any problem and allow the smooth running of the app. The developers has already done a great work in this app because I haven't seen much bugs on it, it's incredibly amazing the developers has put in more time and effort in releasing the Atomic wallet Alpha.

For more information about Atomic Swap exchange, visit the links below

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