In less than a year, the energy needs for crypto-mining on a global scale have increased fivefold and is anticipated to double in 2019.

Bitminer Factory wants to use renewable energy to mine digital currencies and partakes in the benefits with prospective token holders. The factory plans to use the mounting demand for renewable energy to power worldwide crypto-mining activities, for the increase in profits for crypto enthusiasts, investors and miners alike.


Mining Cryptocurrency proves to be very expensive due to the high consumption of electricity involved. An increase in the difficulty of mining a cryptocurrency increases the electricity cost. For instance, a mining machine with a 10 percent higher hash rate than another, but has 50 percent higher electricity costs is both wasteful and less profitable. Crypto Mining is so expensive and required greater amount of energy consumption.

The consumption and use of High Energy have been a major and continuous problem for miners, as they sit back watching most of their rewards swept away in the process of spending expensively to obtain the vital energy and power needed for mining. The mining process is one that demands a huge level of energy.

The cost of purchasing much of these mining tools is like a rocket going to Mars. Again, setting up these tools is not like a walk in the park. It requires a high level of expertise, which further increases the overall cost of mining.


Bitminer factory will attend to this problems by offering solutions discussed below;

Committed usage of clean energy: we pledge to use an increasingly higher amount of energy from clean power sources, such as hydro and solar plants. We will place our decentralized mobile farming equipment close to eco-friendly sources, drastically reducing the amount of CO2 we would require if we used traditional energy plants;

Reuse of otherwise-wasted energy: energy plants all over the world, either renewable or not, often have energy left that is not used and goes to waste. We have set up partnerships that allow us to tap into these energy sources, minimizing the need of producing additional energy for our mining purposes, benefiting the environment while granting us a lower-cost power supply;

Flexibility through mobile mining units: our mining units can be easily moved around (think of them as “on-the-wheels” autonomous computing containers), therefore it will be easy for us to reach the plants that have the highest spare capacity from time to time, or new purposely built renewable power plants;

Diversification through Renewable Energy asset ownership: they will strengthen our position to achieve our goals. With 30% of the proceeds of the ICO, exceeding $20M, we will invest directly in the construction of Solar/Hydroelectric power plants. The 100% clean and renewable energy outcome will be used to directly power our mining equipment. Energy projects are capital intensive and require a significant scale: for this reason, we chose to invest in Energy projects only past the $20M mark, still maintaining our commitment to a greener mining solution if proceeds will be below $20M. Owning custom-designed renewable power plants will allow us to achieve even lower electricity cost for our operations, cutting out all the intermediaries between energy production and utilization. Furthermore, we will be able to sell energy to the national grid, generating an additional, stable stream of profits, to be used for our token-holder and for reinvestment in our operations.

Benefits To Investors

The selling price of the token is only 0.1 dollars and with the demand of investors it is expected that the price of the token will increase. Then, as an investor, you can certainly benefit from it.

Investors in the factory will gain profit by partaking in the revolutionary transformations initiated in the energy sector, changing from the ‘old’ fossil fuel to the new and improved zero carbon.

High liquidity, holders can easily trade or sell tokens back to Bitminer Factory via a BuyBack Plan with their tokenized “Mining Contracts”

Unique Team

Bitminer Factory is born thanks to Gabriele Angeli and Gabriele Stampa, who put together their expertise and know-how to create the first Italian mining farm.

Gabriele Angeli, coming from the renewable energy world thanks to the Angeli Group, is carrying out the project of sustainable mining farms.

With more than 30 years of experience in building of renewable energy stations, in 2008 the Angeli Group built one of the largest photovoltaic energy plants in Brazil.

Gabriele Stampa brings with him a wealth of experience, having worked as project manager for more than 20 years. Stampa has a background in renewable energy, as well.

I like this Project a lot and I think its going to big a huge success, for potential Investors out there why dont you jump on board and benefits from all that the project will offer. Follow the below links for more information.







Buy BMF=>

Mining Farm=>

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