For a new business to survive and stand the test of time it need serious awareness , awareness comes inform of advertisement hence, marketing and promotion. We often see new companies generate traffic online, trying to bring awareness or rather promote there brand. In the modern era, a lot of businesses need marketing and promotion of their varied projects and for that, they are ready to reward people, who help them add posts to social networks and forums, develop designs, make video presentations, invite new people, research projects and engage audiences to their businesses. We will be talking about BountyHunters and how they help in this cause, also sedding some light in the ICO for current investors and potential ones.

About BountyHunters Platform
Bountyhunters is an automated influencer marketing platform and bounty programs managing service. It’s built on the “action=reward” model, and it’s based on blockchain technology. The platform aims to help start-ups, ICO
projects, and existing companies to increase awareness of its own brand in the market and to increase the number of significant mentions in social networks and specialized marketing, PR channels, and blogs.
It aims to increase a project’s efficiency by reducing the time investment and financial cost and to facilitate interaction
between companies and active participants in the social networks by making campaign more transparent and saving time and resources to mention but a few.

Tentatively, BountyHunter platform has already become a host platform for major bounty campaigns of such projects as Chronobank, Blackmoon Crypto, Jury.Online and many others. The current number of influencers registered on the platform exceeds 14 000 accounts and it keeps growing.

The Platform Explained
Before we proceed we need to define some key figures that are paramount to this platform :

Bounty Host- A brand or a company that runs a bounty campaign. It usually is a new company trying to get into the market and needed awareness or some sort of advertisement.

Bounty Hunter/Influencer- The person who owns or manages a website, blog, or an account in the popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, VK, etc.) and creates a content at the request of the bounty host (makes reviews, articles,news, shares, retweets, etc.), receiving for each action a certain fee.

They play a vital role in bountyhunter platform , here is how the platform works,

A campaign is created by the bounty host , an influencer receives notification in a private dashboard on the launch of the new campaign. In case of confirmation of participation in the campaign from the side of the influencer and from the side of the host, the platform automatically creates a smart contract and deposits the minimum amount of money (identified by the host in the campaign details) for an escrow fund. After performing each action (posting content, repost, etc.), the platform automatically monitors and tracks all these actions. After the campaign ends, the automatic calculation and allocation of funds between the influencers is performed.

The platform uses a 3-level approach (host < > influencer, as well as the system itself) with a focus on its own verifi cation system - Proof of Result (PoR). This verification system calculates the efficiency of each performed action and
builds correlations. It provides a system with a real opportunity to assess the work of an influencer and make the solution (automatically) about the possibility of payoffs and the volume of additional bonuses (in the case of increased performance) to each influencer. One of the vital advanatage is that the processes of calculating results and payouts is fully automated, and interactions between advertisers and influencers are backed by specially developed smart-contracts.

Benefit For Startups Company

There are many benefits that this project will bring to the players in the game, below, are some of the benefits for startup company.

The platform reduces operating costs. Traditionally the launch of the bounty and influencer marketing campaigns is very costly in time and financial resources.but with this platform there is no need to hire and pay additional staff or pay for agencies. Full automation of the system allows for significantly reduce costs.
Also , extensive verification of accounts by influencers, the platform carries out verification of each user account in a social network and analyses the potential effectiveness of social activity of each influencer by parsing the data provided by the API of the social network.

All social network in a single manageable space, at a very convenient rreach for the maneger to maximize efficiency Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, etc. The platform provides an opportunity to include additional (narrow-targeted channels), creating custom campaigns (for specialized tasks).

The value of the token at the time of the crowdsale will be 1 HNTR = 0.5$.

ICO Period Start : 18th JULY

ICO Period End: 18th August

Token ticker symbol: HNTR

BountyHunter Project is a very sound project with loads of benefits to the Industry, the hunter/Influencer and startup companies. With its honest modules operandi it will gain serious momentum and will stand tall . I like this company very much its such a blessing.

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Bountyhunters ICO Telegram group —

Bountyhunters Whitepaper---

Bountyhunters Facebook —

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