The following review, is a detailed summary and analysis about Bountyhunters project. This will be helpful for everyone who wants to learn more and get an objective view about Bountyhunters Project.


Imagine a library where you can find various book on the shelf, its neatly stacked, organised and you have an attendant that can check the availability of a book and tell you if its in the library or its been taking out. Bountyhunters platform on the other is similar, It is simply a manageable platform that contains all existing social media networks and communication channels Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, blogs, forums and more. The platform aims to help start-ups, ICO projects, and existing companies to increase awareness of its own brand in the market and to increase the number of significant mentions in social networks and specialized marketing, PR channels, and blogs.

The Big question now is WHY the ICO?, Since Bountyhunters is already a working marketing ecosystem and tested business model that generates profit. The ICO was carefully planned and well thought off, due to varrying cost of advertisement e.g customer acquisition cost; the cost of converting the visitor into buyer etc which forces businesses to seek alternative means and channels to attract and inform the audience about the product. Also ad blocking apps is being used by some users which reduces the effectiveness of Advertising.

The Platform

An influencer receives notification in a private dashboard on the launch of the new campaign. In case of confirmation of participation in the campaign from the side of the influencer and from the side of the host, the platform automatically creates a smart contract and deposits the minimum amount of money (identified by the host in the campaign details) for an escrow fund. After performing each action (posting content, repost, etc.), the platform automatically monitors and tracks all these actions and charges each influencer a steak or some sum of money in accordance with the performed actions. After the campaign ends, the automatic calculation and allocation of funds between the influencers is performed.

Competitive Edge

There are a lot of competitors with similar Products and also similar target Audience in the market, Bountyhunter strive for a competitive edge, in a market where there is influx of indirect competitors , its very paramount to stand out, to be unique and provides a service that non of your competitors have , not just to provide but also execute it so well. This is made possible by way of INfluencer marketing which is is a form of marketing in which the focus is on the person
(influencer) who has an influence (within their own, often narrow audience). In this case, an influencer can be described as someone having an influence on a certain circle of people and their decision-making process. The influencer is the opinion leader in his own niche. As a result, his information is perceived as more authentic and genuine than direct advertising from any brand. Therefore, it causes greater confidence in the product than traditional advertising.

Furthermore, One of the key problems of existing solutions is the lack of targeting and the lack of an actual working base of influencers related to the blockchain/crypto industry, Bountyhunters on the other hand is pursuing companies that are developing decentralized solutions that are based on the blockchain technology. In addition, they are seeking PR and marketing agencies that can provide the services of platform based on the affiliate scheme for private customers of the crypto / blockchain / start-up related niche. Also , Indirect target audience - bounty hunters/influencers involved in the creation of content, perform marketing/pr related activities in social networks for further monetizing of social accounts.

Benefits Of Bountyhunters Platform

  • The platform reduces operating costs. Traditionally the launch of the bounty and influencer marketing campaigns is very costly in time and financial resources. Working with our platform, there is no need to hire additional staff or pay for expensive services of specialized agencies. Full automation of the system allows for significantly reduce costs, both for an advertiser (bounty host) and for the platform (allowing us charging smaller fees).

  • The real-time data flow. No need to use Excel or other services for accounting and management of the marketing campaign.

  • The platform carries out verification of each user account in a social network and analyses the potential effectiveness of social activity of each influencer by parsing the data provided by the API of the social network.

  • The infrastructure of the platform allows maximizing future profits by increasing brand awareness through the coverage of a new audience. Moreover, the platform helps by mitigating risks, conducting automatic tracking of
    influencers activities with the ability to filter and target tasks only on quality accounts.

Token & ICO Details

The value of the token at the time of the crowdsale will be 1 HNTR = 0.5$.

ICO Period Start : 18th JULY

ICO Period End: 18th August

Token ticker symbol: HNTR

Unique team

Team seems to be the strongest part of this project. It consists of innovative and talented people. Of course I cannot complain if we talk about their professional level, guys indeed are experts on their field. They are not just a company founded solely for ICO.



1ST Quarter
Crypto and tokenized framework integration
Attraction of various influencing personnel
Integration with various social media platforms such as Telegram, WeChat, Facebook
Launching of the Rating system
Acquisition of copyright and patent protections
Launch of the various channels responsible for attracting the targeted audiences to companies

2nd Quarter
Integration of deep analytical tools
Multiple language support function made available
Campaigns on the global market
Large companies and other major brands getting involved in the Bountyhunters platform


BountyHunters Project is a very sound project with loads of benefits to the Industry, the hunter/Influencer and startup companies. With its honest modules operandi it will gain serious momentum and will stand tall . I like this company very much its such a blessing.

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Bountyhunters ICO Telegram group —
Bountyhunters Whitepaper---
Bountyhunters Facebook —
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