eCoinomic CNC ICO: Cryptocurrency Loans & Hedging



This is an all-new project that seeks to provide comprehensive financial solutions to investors in the cryptocurrency world. The platform intends to do this through investments and asset management, exchange, transfer and mutual settlements between stakeholders in the crypto sphere.
The platform is even to its users, with every member having unfettered access to a host of its overly beneficial services. These include:

  • Both secured and unsecured loans based on fiat money as well as virtual currencies
  • Long-term and short-lived investments in fiat and digital currencies
  • Strategies for hedging the volatile crypto assets
  • Fiscal transactions, exchange and management of collateral assets
  • Buying products and services using cryptocurrencies on big e-markets such as eBay and Amazon.
  • Fiat money transactions and virtual cards backed by crypto assets.

Market & Industry

While the rapid surge in the value of digital assets is profitable to investors, it has also created an unwanted situation. To remain in the game, the hobbyists have to invest in the latest hardware, which costs a fortune. This would require them to sell their assets to fund the cost of the new mining hardware. On the other, the ever-rising value tempts the holders to keep hoarding and sell at a higher price at a later date.

Selling virtual currency in exchange to raise cash for upgrading hardware only to reacquire the digital assets is undoubtedly unfeasible. This is because of the volatile nature of the industry, where values can plummet drastically within a relatively short period, resulting in massive losses. Loans are an option, albeit an inconvenient one. Usually, the process takes ages, a hugely inexpedient factor given the preciousness of time, especially to an investor.

Presently, conventional financiers do not accept digital assets as collateral, ruling out the possibility of sourcing funds from such institutions. Also, private financiers are not reliable due to their in transparency. This leaves one choice on the table, the ideal option, eCoinomic.

This platform is the only one that gives loans using digital assets as collateral. The use of smart contracts guarantees the security of both fiat money and the collateralized assets. Also, it enforces the fulfilment of lending obligations.

Advantage of Ecoinomic Ecosystem

  • Multicurrency support – this platform allows the use of BTC, BCH, ETH, USD, EUR, CHG, JPY and GBP.
  • The inbuilt payment agent ensures that transactions are smooth and fast.
  • Smart contracts enforce security and transparency measures.
  • The price monitoring systems check collateral value in real-time.
  • There exists a special reserved insurance fund.

About Token & ICO details

eCoinomic Token (CNC) is an ERC20 utility token, based on Ethereum blockchain.

Token name: CNC

We accept VISA and Mastercard or Cryptocurrency payments

Token sale details
Starts 01.06 and ends 01.11.2018
Maximum amount of CNC allocated for Reserve stage is 1,400,000,000tokens.
Minimum Contribution is not limited.
Maximum contribution is USD 250,000.
Initial Token price: 1 CNC = 0.06 USD

During the Reserve stage the token price increases by 1 cent each 9 days until 01.08.2018.

Starting from 2 August till the end of Token Sale, token price will be 0.0005 ETH (1 ETH = 2000 CNC).

Reserve stage will be continued until the Hard Cap is reached — USD106,000,000 or until 01.11.2018.




Unique team Members

Team seems to be the strongest part of this project. It consists of innovative and talented people. Of course I cannot complain if we talk about their professional level, guys indeed are experts on their field. We are not just a company founded solely for ICO.


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