How is Metabase Different from EOS and Ethereum


The following review, will highlight Metabase from the perspective of other projects like EOS and how Metabase is different from Ethereum and some insight on the Project Team members. I believe this will be helpful for everyone who wants to learn more and get an objective view about the Metabase Project.


What Is Metabase

Metabase is a scalable blockchain platform for decentralized applications (DApps) and next generation enterprises. Essentially, its main objective is to provide a platform that facilitates the inauguration of next-gen businesses with a support for simplistic blockchain ledgers as well as digital currencies. Additionally, Metabase intends to provide a solution to the shortcomings of the first generation blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How Is Metabase Different From Othe Platforms (EOS)

Metabase is very unique and prides themselves brilliantly by featuring an advanced style vitual machine, an augmented smart opcode space that will create a more vibrant ecosystem of programming on the blockchain. This allows new ways for developers to create advanced decentralized applications and monetisation capabilities.

Nevertheless, some blockchain 3.0 LIKE EOS Platform do bring something good to the table EOS promises a expandable Blockchain with suitable usability for large-scale business. While on Ethereum developers would need to create dapps from scratch all the time, EOS enables developers to customize their programs, and therefore they do not need to reinvent the wheel.

Metabase also creates the monetary policies into there scalability, the metacore and metabit. The monetary policy was inspired by real-world economies where people need a ‘store of value and a medium of exchange.

How Is Metabase Different From Ethereum

Smart OpCodes makes the difference here, it fosters security and can be use for the creation of a marketplace for developers. Developers will be able to create libraries or small utility applications, define it as a Smart OpCode and submit it to the Metabase marketplace. By taking this approach, we expect to see the first glimpses of highly sophisticated decentralized applications due to the ability to use packaged and verified Smart OpCodes from the marketplace.

With metabase it guarantee a faster transaction rates unlike ethereum, this is made possible by scalability functions (chain splitting and priority pools) , it also ensures you pay less for transactions.

Above all, Smart OpCodes will help standardise programming constructs across domains as OpCodes on the platform layer enable easier app development on the application layer.

Metabase Team

Metabase is controlled by a team of experienced blockchain technology. The experienced management trio, namely Collin Thompson, Zach Piester and John Paul Armenio, shows a diverse skill-set with deep expertise in blockchain development, finance, law, business development, and entrepreneurship making the team well-rounded and highly capable of executing such a complex project.

  • Collin Thompson, is a blockchain fashioner, programming engineer. He leads the company’s product, marketing and drives Intrepid’s overall vision. He also handles the company’s research on bitcoin and Ethereum and how it impacts emerging markets, industry, and future leaders. Collin has spent most of his career as a designer and entrepreneur in a range of roles.

  • Zachary Piester: He is deeply involved in the organizational design and growth of a variety of FinTech, InsurTech, & non-financial blockchain, distributed ledger, cryptocurrency fueled emerging technology co’s. As the Chief Development Officer and Co-founder, Zach leads the company’s community and business development initiatives throughout Asia and beyond. He builds teams, communities, and ecosystems for startups and Fortune 500 companies. He helps teams and communities scale, building organizations that sustain market leadership.

  • John Paul Armenio: JP served as Chairman and CEO of Mizuho Securities Asia, where he led the restructuring and expansion of the investment banking and securities subsidiary for the Japanese Mega Bank. His prior 13 years were with Morgan Stanley in the derivatives structuring and financial engineering businesses. JP ran Structured Products Distribution (Americas) for the Institutional Securities Group, and also served as Global Head of Structured Products for Global Wealth Management. JP is Intrepid’s Chief Investment Officer and Co-founder. John Paul leads the investment decisions and capital allocations for the company.

  • Anthony Back: Pragmatic Idealist |Blockchain Technology | Cryptocurrency | Looking to the Future | Driving growth at Intrepid Ventures

  • Ezequiel Djeredjian: transforms abstract concepts and visions into consistent stories and design creative executions for them.

  • Bothini Navaneethan; use quantitative analysis and meticulous problem-solving skills to conduct process reviews under pressure.

Others are; CHRISTINE HEISS, DR. DUNCAN WONG. refer to the website for a full list


Metabase whitepaper have got some in-depth analysis about the project , you can click on the link below and find out more on this project. This article is just a guide to potential clients, stakeholders and everybody itching for a snip of this wonderful project.
You can be a part of this tremendous project, follow these links for more information;

Metabase Blog:
Facebook Messenger:
Facebook Page:
Telegram Metabase -
Technical White Paper:
Token Sale Economics:
Research Roadmap:
Bounty program thread:




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