The following review, is a detailed summary and analysis about the Metabase project. This will be helpful for everyone who wants to learn more and get an objective view about the Metabase ICO

Collin Thompson the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Intrepid Ventures and Metabase, his passion for the space was obvious, his vision to make blockchain technology accessible to all who want to learn is very admiring. Intrepid Ventures is a blockchain venture studio that designs and builds new companies and decentralised platforms. Metabase is a high-performance blockchain protocol seeking to bring a utility belt of powerful tech tools to everyone from creatives to crypto native.


Bitcoin accepted by many has gained legitimacy among millions together with Ethereum, It is centralized and seems to offer a one dimension approach to cryptocurrency market but not providing a comprehensive solution to the prevailing problems that blockchains and cryptocurrencies face (especially relating to usability, applicability, and adoption).

Together, Bitcoin and Ethereum have proven that blockchain technology, decentralized systems, and global collaborative communities can work. But, at the same time, vast improvements and innovations are needed to meet the true promise of blockchain technology. Additionally, Metabase intends to provide a solution to the shortcomings of the first generation blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum

Metabase Competitive Edge

Unlike other Crypto/Blockchain platforms, the conventional blockchain is a linear linked list of blocks. Attempts to increase transaction throughput have focused on parametric changes to this design , hitting roadblocks in the process Metabase is so unique in what they are trying to do in the crypto market the difference is that scalability is one element metabase is trying to solve by helping companies to build decentralized applications with high defined demands. This will be done by adopting a multifaceted approach, thus; creating an innovative next generation blockchain protocol that scales with adoption and also A monetary policy with two cryptocurrencies inspired by real world economies. This set it aparts from existing rival projects and potential ones in the blockchain market.

Metabase aims to create the necessary APIs and development tools that can be used to interact with Metabase. Unlike current solutions that involve third-party SDKs and centralized architecture, Metabase will provide frameworks that can connect to the blockchain directly. The functionality will be implemented in the form of a library for mobile platforms and as a browser extension on browser platforms

Also, Security And Usability also gave metabase a defining edge over competitors, each layer of the Metabase platform will have an impenetrable security reinforcement to mitigate the vulnerability of applications built on this blockchain. Furthermore, Metabase will avail a light client for the deployment of DApps on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Also with Ethereum, creating complex applications is still very difficult because of the lack of standardized community-vetted libraries. Metabase will feature an upgraded Ethereum style virtual machine 2.0 that has a rich programming environment that facilitates the coding of high-level languages. This development platform will also support low-level programming languages.
Metabase will also feature a governance framework that allows developers to control the evolution of the blockchain. It will comprise of improvement protocols that control the core aspects of the blockchain.

Monetary Policy

The monetary policy was inspired by real-world economies where people need a ‘store of value’ (eg. a deflationary currency/asset like Gold) and a ‘medium of exchange’ (usually an inflationary currency like the USD). Therefore, the Metabase protocol has incorporated two currencies into the Metabase economy — Metacore and Metabit.

Metacore — Store of Value

  • Metacore is the primary token of Metabase. It will be issued in the ICO and traded on exchanges.
  • To pay transaction fees on the blockchain, a Metabase node converts Metacore to Metabit tokens using the prevailing exchange rate and then pays the appropriate fees.
  • Metacore tokens issued via mining will have a deterministic reducing/deflationary supply — similar to Bitcoin but with different generation parameters.
  • Generation parameters of Metacore tokens are hard-coded into the protocol and can’t be modified by Governance Mechanics (will be determined after pre-ICO)

Metabit — Medium of Exchange

Metabit is the principal medium of exchange within the Metabase ecosystem. Besides being the native cryptocurrency,
it ;

  • Will be used to denominate transaction fees.
  • The currency is inflationary in supply, therefore creating a decreasing exchange rate with Metacore over time.
  • The inflation rate of Metabit is dynamic and governed by the governance framework of Metabase.


What I find outstanding from other projects is that the team is not just highly skilled but very passionate about organically building blockchain businesses and communities. Unlike, many other projects that use paid methods to fill their telegram groups to create a hype, the Metabase team is very responsive and interactive within their community, making their telegram group one of the few that are really valuable. Metabase builds their community organically and aims to attract strategic partners that believe in the project long-term, rather than producing short-term hypes. The website offers several informative documents with detailed information about Metabase, ranging from a technical deep dive about scalability to detailed insights into the team’s culture and vision.

Benefit To Investors

The selling price of the token is only 0.2 dollars and with the demand of investors it is expected that the price of the token will increase. Then, as an investor, you can certainly benefit from it.

Metabase has the potential to be one of the projects to survive and thrive even after the blockchain hype wave. Rather than attracting pump & dump investors, they are aiming to build a community of miners, entrepreneurs and developers that seek to leverage a more user-friendly platform

They will create tools that empower Entrepreneurs, Challenge Enterprises, and Governments, to help them build blockchain organizations for scale, market leadership, and sustainability.

Metabase Token Details

In total, 8 Billion tokens will ever exist. The Pre Sale has a token sale cap of 400 Million tokens and the Main Sale has a token sale cap of 2 Billion Tokens. A buyer can’t purchase more than 10% of the total tokens allocated for the Pre- or Main Sale.

Token Name: Metabase Token
Token Symbol: META
Token Value: $0.02
Pre-Sale 2: July 10, 2018
Pre-Sale 2 End: August 17, 2018
Main Sale: September 4, 2018
Main Sale End: November 2, 2018
Total ICO hard cap : ​$​41,840,000 USD


Token Distribution


Use Of Funds

According to the token sale paper, most funds will be allocated to building the software, specifically:

  • Mining software
  • Client software
  • IDE and developer tools needed to support the Metabase ecosystem
  • User interfaces and Dapps

Tentatively the funds will be used as follows;

  • Technology 30%
  • Community 20%
  • Talent 15%
  • Operations 15%
  • Security 10%
  • Legal 10%



Unique Team

Metabase have ambitious goals  which will enable them to set new standards for the crytocurrency market. To achieve this goal a strong Team is built with all the necessary skills, talents and long-time experience needed for the project. Most of the team members on Metabase have verified LinkedIn profiles. This is all good because the more transparency a company have in regard to their team, the more trustworthy they typically are.
The experienced management trio, namely Collin Thompson, Zach Piester and John Paul Armenio, shows a diverse skill-set with deep expertise in blockchain development, finance, law, business development, and entrepreneurship making the team well-rounded and highly capable of executing such a complex project.



The time has arrived to take decentralized applications, which have shown so much promise in Bitcoin and Ethereum, to the next level. Metabase is building a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform from the ground up to empower the world’s most underused resource   entrepreneurs. A platform that enables a broad and diverse group of entrepreneurs and innovators to build blockchain powered decentralized applications and scale next-generation businesses that can impact global society.

This Project is awesome with so much potential, it is so unique and well planned. For more Information you can check on the link provided below;

Metabase Blog:
Facebook Messenger:
Facebook Page:
Telegram Metabase -
Technical White Paper:
Token Sale Economics:
Research Roadmap:
Bounty program thread:




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