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Cargo shipping is a very complicated process that requires a massive cooperation of individual parts that all work together in perfect harmony in order to get every package where it needs to go.

On any 1 day, there are millions of tons of different cargo out for transit and being shipped all over the world. This system can move car, trucks, large machinery, and all kinds of different products through shipping channels from 1 side of the planet to the other. This undertaking can only be managed with the perfect synergy of paperwork, manifests, supervision, various transportation methods, and great care.

Any 1 country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is roughly 8 percent to 9 percent logistics and transportation, which is a massive amount of market share. Such a massive endeavor should be as streamlined and efficient as possible, but the truth is that the cargo shipping world is challenged by a plethora of issues, most of which are due to how massive a project the whole thing really is.

The global shipping market is fragmented by different national regulations and rules that hold back the movement of shipments from one region to another, causing the entire process to be much less efficient.

Quasa hopes to change that by using the blockchain to enforce transparency in the cargo shipping industry.

About Quasa

QUASA – is a decentralized system which involves a blockchain and consists of several smart-contracts in the perimeter of the block chain and its own crypto currency, And the platform is a system product created by a consortium of the most powerful, competent, and experienced logistic companies and organizations in Russia, the CIS, and other countries all over the world.
QUASA is a platform that will allow you to solve all the problems that were described above. This platform is based on blocking technologies, using smart contracts. Thanks to this, entrepreneurs will no longer have to worry about their partner’s integrity, just as it solves problems with bureaucracy.

QUASA platform has collected a large number of experts from leading companies that conduct their activities in this industry in order to avoid the disadvantages of potential competitors. Now I would like to structure all the problems that the sphere of cargo transportation has: on which the funds will be paid automatically in the event that the pre-set parameters are met. In this case, the unscrupulous fulfillment of one’s duties by the performer becomes unresolved. Another aspect of security is the ability to track cargo online, which will promptly react to the emergent force majeure circumstances and reduce costs. In logistics, there are many more nuances that are difficult to take into account in one universal IT solution.

Why it is Profitable to Transfer Goods With Quasa

However, unlike any other platform, QUASA enables its users to use another currency generated by the platform – QuasaCoins.

Every subscribed cargo owner will get certain amount of QuasaCoins, so that the user gets opportunity to pay in QUASA tokens for the service. This is a motivation for each of the side - cargo owners get the discount and companies want to achieve better results.

For cargo owners the participation to any other platform will become several times more active since for their money they will obtain a 5-10%. The use of QuasaCoins helps to eliminate most paperwork and intermediaries, which makes the services much less expensive.

Business processes which involve the use of Quasacoins will be backed by more profitable and safe guarantees than those provided by direct interaction between carriers and cargo owners. QUASA will provide the connected companies with its currency as guaranteed payment settlement means. For example, if there is lack of trust between shippers, carriers, and cargo receivers, a safer and more convenient option would be to use internal payments rather than fiat money which is associated with currency and other risks.

Blockchain for supply chain!

QUASA platform enables users to elaborate individual solutions for their own supply chain. No other platform can boast such flexibility and freedom of choice.

Optimal cost
Carriers provide actual rates and get personal license in DLT technology from the system.

Cargo delivery
The system allows its clients to get the required service without direct contact with companies, that represent them.

Transparency of the delivery stages and risks of hidden damage
Online cargo tracking. In your personal account you can see information about the location and condition of cargo.
All data is written in Blockchain.

Cargo transportation, its cost and insurance is controlled Smart contract.

Token & ICO Details

  • Token: QUA
  • PreICO Price: 1 ETH = 6000 QUA
  • Price: 1 ETH = 3000 QUA
  • Bounty: Available
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Minimum investment: 0.01 ETH
  • Soft cap: 100 ETH
  • Country: Russia
  • Whitelist/KYC: None

QUASA issues 62,445,870 QUA tokens. The total number of QuasaCoin (QUA) tokens is 50,769,000. From the total amount of 62,445,870 QuasaCoin (QUA) tokens intended for the general emission QUASA will submit 50,769,000 tokens for the sale through ICO at various price levels.

Token Distribution



Quasa offers a valuable solution to the cargo shipping and logistics market that proposes to solve many problems and challenges in order to make the entire system more efficient and profitable.

NOTE: This article is just a guide to potential clients, stakeholders and everybody itching for a snip of this wonderful project, The whitepaper will provide an in-depth and thorough analysis of this wonderful project. You can click on the link below and find out more about this wonderful project.

Official website: http://www.quasa.io/

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2424296.0

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quasagroup

Twitter: https://twitter.com/quasagroup

Telegram: https://t.me/quasafreight


BITCOINTALK PROFILE: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2191289

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