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Cryptocurrency is rapidly gaining momentum and the projected vision is very encouraging . In today's economy the production of cryptocurrencies isn't anything like that of regular money , bitcoins, litecoins and a large majority of coins are generated through MINING. However, mining requires a huge amount of money to start , hardware involved in mining is very expensive and the process of mining requires a vast amount of electricity which also requires a huge cost. Scavo technologies will offer an environmentally friendly solution with the ability to maximize energy resources with zero carbon footprint, natural and self-sufficient. Thе рurроѕе of SCAVO Technologies iѕ thе construction of large-scale mining fаrmѕ, they plan to build self sustaining mining locations using renewable energy such as solar, water, and wind.


Scavo Technologies

Scavo Technologies is very intelligent in there approaches in reducing cost by purchasing mining hardware directly from the manufacturer, the autonomous mining unit is a ready to mine unit with all the required hardware, an active and passive cooling system, it is ready to receive power, has an information control center for data management, and has video recording capabilities. Scavo technologies will develop a technology by building a hybrid electric power generation combining different power sources, solar, wind, hydraulic and biomass. This allows the generation of all the energy necessary for the operation of mining farms.The Energy generating units will be very scalable and modular for ease of expansion. Also, Scavo technologies will create their own power stations and eliminate much uncertainty about fluctuation of electricity prices. It should also reduce costs and thereby increase mining profitability.

Details Of ICO & Token


The SCAVO token is a token based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. SCAVO tokens guarantee their holders the right to:

1, Receive 100% of the profits from our proprietary mining operation through the following scheme:

  • 80% of the generated by the mining operations will be paid immediately.
  • 20% of what is generated by mining operations will be reinvested to enhance future payments through the updating and change of more efficient mining equipment and achieve self-sustainability of the mining farm.
    2, Receive 30% of the profits for the services to third parties that SCAVO Technologies provides.
    3, Right to vote in important decisions of the company.

Value Token at issue - $1

Accepted forms of payment - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin-Cash, Dash, Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Decred, Bank transfer, credit cards.




Unique Team

The Scavo technologies team comprises of topnotch professionals in their domains. They have ambitious goals  which will enable them to set new standards for the Market. To achieve this goal a strong Team is built with all the necessary skills, talents and long-time experience needed for the project. Most of the team members on Scavo technologies have verified LinkedIn profiles. This is all good because the more transparency a company have in regard to their team, the more trustworthy they typically are.



Scavo technologies is a company duly constituted in Argentina. All legal documentation of the company is published on there website.
The founders, as well as the different members of the team that make SCAVO Technologies up, have developed professionally in the telecommunications and ICT industry for more than 15 years, as well as belonging to different local, regional and international organizations and institutions.
Investors can view all the information on there resume through there public access profile. The funds raised during the ICO will be mainly allocated to the construction of the mining farms and their power plants to fully supply their energy consumption. I believe this Project will be a great success and will be creating an environmentally efficient system for cryptocurrency mining that is sustainably for the long term. So, What are you waiting for, be a part of this wonderful project and par take in there ICO.

NOTE: This article is just a guide to potential clients, stakeholders and everybody itching for a snip of this wonderful project and its published regarding bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project. The whitepaper will provide an in-depth and thorough analysis of this wonderful project. You can click on the link below and find out more about this wonderful project.

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