Introducing Truegame

Project description:

I cannot say that iGaming is somehow a cutting-edge idea on ICO. Even for a while I had an impression that every tenth project on ICO is somehow games related (gambling, online betting, video games, VR and etc.). Nevertheless, high number of similar projects shows that this market has not only a great potential and raises a big interest, but also block-chain brings to it completely new possibilities. On the other hand, high competitive rate allows just limited number of projects to collect a sufficient amount. So just the best and the most visible projects can keep the power on. Certainly one of them, I am presenting now to you.

So what makes Truegame outstanding?

Firstly, idea of using a block-chain technology in a different stages of a game. The results of each game are verifiable in the blockchain open registry and cannot be manipulated. Random combinations received from blockchain bring fair chances to each player. Blockchain is also used in last stage of game, winnings distribution. All this together help players to gain trust in a gaming platform and playing process in general.

Secondly, Truegame already has an existing project, with users who are already playing in more than a dozen different games (scratch cards, prize draws, lotteries, giftboxes, etc.). After the ICO, Truegame team wants to add new games like dice, bingo, smart roulette, slot games and etc.
TrueGame Token:

TGAME token is a currency based on ETH20 protocol (to check) with a total 300 000 000 tokens supplied. After ICO, the purchase tokens will be immediately sent to your ETH Wallet. Actual price for coins is 18,500 TGAME for 1 ETH on Private Sale. We can avail the three Pre-sale stage where the price is ranging from 1 ETH = 12950 on stage 1 to 1 ETH = 11,100 on stage 3 and with corresponding bonus. The main sale will be on 16.04.2018 — 30.04.2018 – 1 ETH = 9,250 TGAME.

Minimum purchase on main sale is 0.1ETH and there is not limit for maximum. What does it mean? There is a chance that big players will buy a great share of available tokens. So if you also want to eat a cake, better hurry up!

As I wrote before, there will be just 300.000.000 tokens generated. 210 000 000 will be conduct to crowd-sale (all together 70%). Founders will received 45 000 000 (15%) tokens, another 12 000 000 goes to the Advisers (4%), 3 000 000 tokens will go to PR, bounty (1%) and the remaining 30 000 000 tokens will be reserved (10%).

These numbers (just 15% for founders) shows more or less, that the team is keen to receive money on project development, and most likely will not run away to Maldives with pockets full of cash. All together, 70% of tokens will be sold during ICO and PreICO. Unsold one will be burned.

If we talk about the expected funds distribution (counting pretty high hard cap — 9 000 000 USD), 1 080 000 USD will be used for platform update and creating a mobile application (12%). 4 050 000 USD will be used for marketing and advertisement campaign for Attracting players (45%) . 2 970 000 USD will go for the Jackpots (33%) and 900 000 USD will serve as a legal agreements in different countries (10%).

Of course if hard cap will not be reached, these numbers might looks like totally different. But to be honest, I do not believe in such a scenario. With no purchase limit, with a good PR and marketing campaign tokens will be sold in ICO first stages, if not even during the preICO. Soft cap for this project is 2 million USD.

What I like here is the high percent of an income planned for a marketing and adds. On the other hand I do not like, a high number which goes to the jackpot, but can understand reasons why is so.


Above you can see the roadmap — how the team sees their nearest and long-term future in accordance to their past experience.


Beside it is a great project visually I cannot mention a couple precious reviews the project received.



It would be unfair from my side if I would not include bounty into the “hype” description. And Truegame bounty is really a game worth to play. Award pool is worth 3 000 000 Truegame tokens(1% of total Tokens), shared between 6 types of bounty.

Twitter Campaign: 20%
Facebook Campaign: 20%
Content Campaign: 15%
Translations Campaign: 15%
Telegram Campaign: 10%
Signature Campaign: 20%

Main ICO starts on 16.04.2018 — 30.04.2018.

There is no limit for a maximum investment and 0.1 ETH limit for a minimum.
All the investments can be done just with BTC, ETH and LTC.

For me a Truegame is worth to invest, firstly because of the field (gambling), secondly because of the already existing revenue on its working iGaming platform. I do not thing it will be a rocket to the moon with a splendid income after couple months, but I am pretty sure it will bring a nice percent in couple years perspective.

More info:

Bitcointalk Username:Blaizer
Bitcointalk Profile:;u=1805036

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