No need to withdraw. No more, not ever

No need to withdraw. No more, not ever.

What is OPEN Money and what is it good for?

Let's imagine that you are the owner of some quantity of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dash. And you using any web service, those are too many in nowadays.

Have you ever thought about how it's hard to operate crypto money for now? For example, you've got some ETH. You have Ether light wallet, no need to store all the blockchain on your computer. It's alright. But if you wish add funds to the any web service that requires to be paid permanently or once, the difficulties start to be happened immediately.

Let's count. What we have to do?
Step by step, you'll see right now.

  1. First you need to go on exchange. You'll swap your ETH to USD.
  2. Then withdraw into bank account.
  3. After you must send the money onto your card.
  4. And only after that you came at your favorite web service and entered card number, the task of adding funds is over, thanks a lord.

You're asking why?
Why is it so hard? And you are paying the percents, and you are paying the margin, all of these exchanges and the transactions demand a different kind of fee.

Why don't we make the payment directly in ETH?
Let the merchants decide to exchange or leave in the cryptocurrency. Or for example you are playing online game and you need to donate to buy a magic item or gold sword. Cryptocurrencies are working as recoilless technology that is best suited for donate in games. How it would be nice to have one cryptocurrency wallet which could be used in any web service, in any online game. And to enter to the web service, you'd be just asked permission to put your crypto wallet in the account and to pay the service per one click.

No more need to worry about card balance and overdraft. No more need to use third-party payment gateways. Pass-through technology allows you to control your balance of crypto-wallet directly. All transactions are performed with accuracy up to millionths of a cryptocurrency

That's the kind of technology OPEN Money elaborates today. Transparent transactions, pass-through balance control, one click payment, no matter what web service you are using.

In the end, isn't that that we need new technologies for? It is for this. To make our lives easier and simpler.

Note about OPEN Money:

Open Money is a technology API platform designed to help software developers implement the technology, cryptocurrencies into their programmes, thereby encouraging widespread use by consumers of cryptocurrency.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is growing with incredibly fast pace and is seeking recognition, reinforcing its growth. With this understanding they work to create infrastructure in order to be in the right place at the right time. OPEN Money firmly believe that this platform will become a leading global infrastructure solution for software developers. OPEN Money allow them to integrate blockchain technology in the standard applications.

The massive use and the use of blockchain technology will become the reality in the very near future. OPEN Money do this by addressing the fundamental requirements of the new ecosystem which are monetization and distribution.

Based on these two main areas, they open a clear path for existing developers seeking to create software that actively try to get into the cryptocurrency markets.

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