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All that you wanted from exchanges, but you were afraid to ask. Virtuse Exchange

What is Virtuse?

Virtuse is a new kind of exchanges. There are several types:
Stock exchanges

This type of exchanges originated in the last century. They deal with assets such as bonds, shares, consumer goods and various related-financial instruments. These exchanges provide arbitration, guarantee the fulfilment of transaction, and also deal with ethnic standards and the code of conduct of exchange trade participants. They helped many companies attract investors they couldn’t find on their own. But these institutions began to take positions with the development of the global economy.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

With the advent of new digital currencies, almost all of them couldn’t be monetized, couldn’t attract investors, withdraw their funds and provide them with the appropriate level of liquidity. To help cryptocurrency holders and new startups came digital exchanges, which also helped new projects to find investors, while not losing half of the budget to pay various commissions.

Exchanges of the future

A new generation of exchanges that can replace all the previous ones with one institution. Virtuse will unite real assets with cryptocurrencies, while preserving their useful features such as liquidity of real assets, their reliability and stability, security, transparency of cryptocurrencies.

The project team

Ras Vasilisin — founder

Ras began his career as a share broker in New York, and then he worked in the electricity trading market. Ras took a place in the management board of the investment company Across Private Investments for two years, successfully coping with the capital of clients for more than 200 million euro. After that, for two years he has been a director of capital management in Slavia Capital. In 2005, he was a Senior Development Manager at J&T Finance Group SE throughout the year. Now Ras is the founder and member of the council board in Virtuse Group, and more recently he became a CEO.

Matej Demes — COO. He is responsible for the daily processes and current activities of the company. For four years Matej has been a head of financial news in TV TA3, then he has been an editor of Ecopress for about 12 months. Since 2006 Matej has held the position of COO at Virtuse Energy, and since 2011 he’s a COO at Virtuse Group. Since March 2018, he has expanded his duties as a COO at Virtuse Exchange. As you can see, Matej has been working at Virtuse for 12 years and only success is pursuing him.
Chen Hui Lee — CTO. Chen has 10 years of experience in IT development. He’s most interested in cloud and blockchain technologies, because he’s counting on a new distributed platform where users can control their data themselves. Chen graduated from the University of Manchester with a master’s degree in digital electronics and communication engineering. And before that he received a bachelor’s degree from the National Taiwan University. He started his career at NMS Communications, where he has worked as a system engineer for a year and a half. After that, in 2002, he joined the ranks of Soanar Pte Ltd in the role of a technical and engineer manager, where he has worked for 11 years. Currently, Chen combines another position of an expert in the development of cloud architecture solutions at Mitel Networks Limited for 5 years and 7 months.

Virtuse Financial instruments

This tool is a direct means of implementing the tokenization process, when any asset is valued in tokens. The token value is determined by the system based on certain parameters of the ecosystem economy of the platform. Digital Asset Collateralized Token or DACT plays the role of base asset rates at any point in time in the future. Using DACT, trader games for rate will be conducted, for example, two parties participate in the game, one of them for raising the stock price, and the other for reducing. Both parties deposit the full value of this share. And if the price of the stock has risen by $50, then the party that put on the rise of the price will receive back its bid plus $50, and the side that put on the reduction will receive its bet minus $50.


The Digital Asset Fund (DAF) is a token consisting of a collection of different coins. Such a portfolio of coins can be aimed at quick but risky profits or at a stable profit with the least risk, which is achieved by adding many coins to the portfolio.

Virtuse Startup Fund

This fund is an example of a portfolio of coins with the least risk. This fund will be managed by DAF experts, they will look for new ICOs with good potential. The main task of this fund will be to provide the most accessible way of becoming a venture capitalist for these ICOs without the hassle and restrictions in the amount of capital. This fund will have a private type, it will become possible to join it only at the invitation of an ICO participant. This is done to ensure the stability and security of these funds.

Virtuse Commodities Performance Fund

This fund will manage the assets of consumer goods in order to ensure a quick income, but with a reduction in risk due to a wide range of types of shares.


Virtuse will be the newest solution to the problems of trading real assets on cryptocurrency exchanges and solving the problems of trade in cryptocurrency assets on traditional exchanges. With the help of the Virtuse exchange traders will be available trades in the assets of the traditional market, but backed up by the security, transparency and decentralization of the blockchain technology. With the help of talented chefs and no less talented team, the Virtuse project will realize its idea of ​​improving the structure of exchange trades. And this in the future will lead to global changes.
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