One for ten, how good are consultants of Virtuse

The exchange of new generation called Virtuse will provide access to traditional assets for the world of blockchain technology. Such assets as oil, precious metals, bond, shares, etc. have physical value, what form their price, and therefore they become very stable in terms of volatility and have a solid foundation in the market. These properties are not possessed by cryptocurrency, therefore their volatility indicator is extremely high and the market is constantly in a floating state. With the help of the tokenization process, such assets will be integrated into the Virtuse Exchange, which will also introduce new methods of trading with digital tokens.

Stages of the platform formation

More than one project has tried to bring traditional assets into the blockchain network, but so far no one has achieved global success. The main goal of this idea isn’t just to transfer another type of assets, but to achieve security, speed and ease of transactions, such as in bitcoins. Another advantage of this platform will be the reduction of transaction and trading costs. And also the entrance into the sphere of trading and participation in the bidding will become more democratic and open than ever. The Virtuse system is capable of producing up to 20 000 transactions per second, that means the platform can support millions of regular users.

First stage

To prove the stability and scalability of the platform, in the beginning, the trading functionality of the most common cryptocurrencies will be introduced.
Second stage

In the second stage, DACT's, digital asset collateralized token, will be released. These are the key innovation of the platform. With their help, it will be possible to include in the platform of traditional assets that will provide liquidity to DACT.
Third stage

The next innovative tool called DAF will be released at the third stage of the platform's development. It includes a portfolio of DACT coins or others. These funds will be managed by experts who are able to develop these funds for successful earnings.

Advisory Board

Alex Cleanthouse is a Chief Innovation Officer, a co-founder of Web Profits, a consultant in the development of the digital industry, a marketer in the blockchain field. Alex has been working in the IT industry for more than 12 years, starting with his position as an Internet search analyst at eBay and ending with the position of a Chief Innovation Officer of Web Profits. Alex has published four times and has a non-profit organization.

Norbert Prihoda is engaged in TMT operations, also he is the main executor of M & A processes. He is a consultant for cryptocurrency exchanges and a member of the young presidents organization (YPO). Norbert worked more than eighteen positions in a dozen companies in Bratislava, Dubai and Malta. Norbert began his career as a PR manager, after that he primarily worked as the director responsible for launching the product, and then almost completely moved into advisory work. Norbert has twenty-seven recommendations from his colleagues from various places of work, and twenty-six recommendations he himself wrote in favor of his distinguished colleagues.
He knows five languages and has three honorary awards.

Andrea Vadkerti is consultant and trainer, speaker, author, activist, and previously a TV presenter. Andrea has more than twenty-six years of experience in the field of media and coaching. From the journalist to the business coach, Andrea passed for his career. Andrea works with performers, organizations, teams and individually to achieve breakthrough staff productivity. Andrea has completed 10 courses in communications and coaching, knows five languages, has five of her own projects and has a certificate Theta Healing Basic DNA.

Yavor Vassilev is an entrepreneur in the CO2 markets, a cryptocurrency and start-up enthusiast, a former director of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, a head of Cibank. He began as an ordinary bank clerk at the Economic and Investment Bank, where later he became the head of the office. Later, Yavor moved to the market of carbon dioxide, and he is still engaged in business there. Now Yavor expanded his horizons to IT technologies and the blockchain industry. Yavor is a member of the Association of United Nations of Bulgaria, and also plays the role of mentor at GreenBuzz that is engaged in the preservation of the environment.

Ondrey Durjak is chief executive officer of SCR Design, the creator of digital technology concepts, an enthusiast in the field of cryptocurrency and the economy. With the help of his business and marketing experience, Ondrey creates new start-ups and innovative products. Since 2010, Ondrey has visited nineteen appointments: a machine salesman, a member of the organizational council, a candidate of technical sciences, a marketing strategist, an online community manager, a marketing head, a consultant, a managing director. Such a rich experience makes Ondrey an indispensable expert.

Peter Olvecky is an online business specialist. The scope of Peter's activities includes new trends in online marketing, behavioral user targeting, multivariate testing, online business development, targeted optimization conversion, the latest trends in mobile marketing, social networking, HTML, CSS and web design, e-commerce, conscious marketing and business. Peter has nine recommendations. He has completed six courses and knows three languages.

Zita Vasilisinova is a producer and an editor of Zitaatiz Media. Zita is engaged in promotion on social media, as well as the creation of content. Zita launched the company Zitaatiz Media, which is engaged in creating video for various businesses.

Alex Jewel is a frontend developer at Fiverr, an infuser on social media. Alex has been working as a programmer since 2006. He has extensive experience in IT technologies, and now he is engaged in compiling whitepapers of startups and evaluating these documents in other projects.


Virtuse will bring many innovations to the world of trading, stock exchanges, cryptocurrency exchanges. It combines the real world where physical assets are traded with digital world, selectively determining what positive features of both to bring to this platform. With such talented and experienced consultants, Virtuse will surely succeed and they will justify all the expectations of their investors.

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