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How Hycon solve blockchain problems

Hycon is a flexible decentralized blockchain that runs on the DAG algorithm. This Protocol makes it possible to produce more flexible network scalability and to manage storage at the expense of generating new blocks of the system. The structure of the DAG has no cycles and forms a directed path. The generation of each new unit indicates that the operations in the network are performed without any delays. This is a versatile tool that has no analogues. For the final formation of the ideal of consensus, with the exception of tariffs on the costs is the algorithm Specter.


The formation of the cryptocurrency and its origin depends on two main and most important at the moment cryptocurrency — Bitcoin and Ethereum. These technologies are the innovative new generation of the techonology. Over the past year, algorithms have started to fail, and there were significant problems from which the quality of the network began to fall. One of the main problem is transaction fees. This problem began to be felt sharply after an increasing number of users began to actively use Bitcoin and Ethereum. As the popularity of this technology is developing, it attracts more and more insight from the community. But the problem remains acute and urgent.

The developers of the project Hycon have a technological and ready-made solution that can completely eradicate the problem of transactions. To do this, the team uses the developed Protocol Infinity Exchange, which in the presence of a large number of users on the network will carry out lightning speed in transactions without any speed drawdown. At the same time, the system will maintain the safety of data storage and provide a high level of reliability for each user. Initially, this technology will be focused on large enterprises and users of corporate nature.

Website overview

The company’s website is made up enough in corporate style. The colors on the site are selected in a calm tone and do not cause a sense of anxiety. The languages that are present on the site for review are: English and Korean. The heart is simply conveyed in a calm infographics.


To implement the project idea, a team has been working, which has experience in research and development of block technology since 2012. This is an experienced group of highly qualified specialists from South Korea, which is ready to rapidly use its own technology to raise the basic economy.

It is worth noting that all team members are from the company Glosfer. The company Glosfer engaged in full product development for the blockchain technology in a variety of fields. Thus, the two existing projects are closely linked and directly dependent on block technology.


The developers of the project Hycon intend to update and eliminate all the vulnerabilities that are inherent at the moment in block technology. Such an ambitious decision is taking place, as the level of security and high Commission costs is something that should not be in the blockchain. I think it’s time for a better technology, and the community needs it very much. The Hycon platform has all the chances to become a revolutionary project in the coming years and to change the approach to network scalability.

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