TokenStars — Celebrity Management Platform In Blockchain

TokenStars is a platform that allows tokenize well-known personalities, based on blockchain technology. Ecosystem within the platform will make it possible to simplify the mutual contact between popular and novice stars as much as possible, as well as between fans and representatives of advertising services. Innovative technology will increase the interest of all users in cooperation. The platform has twelve integrated modules, thanks to which users are able not only to conduct mutual communications, but also perform secondary activities, conclude contracts, purchase services. There is the possibility of a combination of modules, this, directly, refers to the goals and objectives of the platform.

Each module has its own level and function:

Сrowdfunding level provides an opportunity for beginning talented individuals to engage in fundraising and promotion;

The infrastructural level is equipped with all the necessary functional tools permitting the conduct of basic operations, including voting, scouting;

The level of the fan community allows fans to interact with each other, participate in online interactive activities with the stars to strengthen the social status of the public person;

The level of brand and advertising allows you to deal with the transmission of vital data about the stakeholders of the target audience. In the future, this will allow us to conduct effective advertising campaigns with the help of smart contracts, as well as sell the best goods.

How TokenStars Works
Fans support future stars by buying tokens. A rising star receives money to train and improve the skills. When successful, the star pays the platform commission from the sponsorship deals and price money. The commission is paid in tokens, which are bought on the market. During the growth period, which is four years in tennis and zero in poker, the fans can redeem tokens for various services provided by the rising stars.For example, when the fans support 14-year old ‘Maria Sharapova’ and she wins Wimbledon at 17, the platform receives 30% of commission paid in tokens.

Star ICO Module: Tokenizing Time
As a star, you have the opportunity to conduct your own ICO and get upfront payment for various exclusive communications with your fans. These can be in the form of locker-room tours, dinners, chats, and merchandize. Some of the offers may be sold at auctions while offers such as video chats have unlimited number of participants.Celebrity time is a precious and limited resource, which is a fundamental growth factor. For instance, an Olympic champion can pre-sell 50 hours of his or her communications with the fans, who redeem tokens on a one-on-one training with the star, VIP dinner, a video chat, or other exclusive offers.

Tokenizing Income
In the second stage of tokenizing time, the TokenStars platform will help you as a star to tokenize your income. As a rising star, you might sign a binding agreement, which grants a certain percentage of future personal incomes in exchange for upfront payment. This will give your token some level of security.Therefore, before launching this module, the platform will have to implement a proper registration and legal framework. For instance, a penniless Hollywood star can tokenize 20 percent of his or her future income in exchange for fans’ support today. If he or she makes a hit movie in future, he or she will pay out 20 percent of his income in tokens.

TokenStars Scouting Module: Finding the Players
On TokenStars, fans can earn rewards for their work as scouts. Scouts find promising young talents around the world. They submit applications, assess talents, and help negotiate the terms of the deals. They receive their rewards in tokens.For example, if as a scout you notice a promising young football player, you can submit the application to the platform and receive $10,000 as payment in tokens.

TokenStars Voting Module
In this module, the platform will hold votes among token holders on the significant decisions including approving new players or renewing the Head of Scouting contract. As a star, you can hold votes that everyone can trust. For example, a pop star can hold votes among the fans about what to wear when going for a date or what to order at a restaurant. In the end, the star gets higher engagement and publicity.Other modules that you can explore on the TokenStars platform include betting module, contests and charity module, e-commerce module, brands relation module, and advertising smart contracts module.

Use of Blockchain
Our choice of blockchain as TokenStars platform technology allows us to build transparent, scalable and verifiable systems for all platform participants, especially for fans, scouts, promoters and advertisers. We will provide community audiences with tools to audit documented blockchain ledgers to prove transparency of interactions and avoid

potential conflicts among participants.

Solve market problems

TokenStars solves four major problems of market participants:

1.Talent (future star). We provide financial support to young talents at critical ages, so they do not run out of the sports and entertainment industry professionals. We also help them to attract audiences and accumulate social capital since the beginning of collaboration, to start professional careers with adequate disabilities (compared to their peers).

2.Sports sports & entertainment stars. We offer marketing representatives and promotions to established athletes and media athletes who have attracted sponsors but are ignored by traditional agencies.

3.Fans want a closer interaction with celebrity stars and greater influence over their favorite clubs. We give community fans an opportunity to communicate in real time, choose future stars and engage in celebrity activities.

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