PumaPay - Free blocking protocol for payments!


For free block conventions representing fees, which causes crypto-city low-cost representing occupation! PumaPay is a Rules representing costs with spread origin and aid representing Trail application, which is a complicated stoppage solvent that provides

Payment instrument that beat actual possibilities (credence
playing-card). Distinct from existent expenditure way, containing
credence playing-card and essential specie, much as Bitcoin, the
Advantage expenditure codes was composed from the primer up
representing the solitary aim of disentangling existent troubles close
to sacrifice a fix of instrument fashioned to aid occupation

To join diverse assets solving, which desire clarify the welcome of crypto currentness direct, fairly than over a superimposed equivalent of banking utility.
Offer clients a complete and flexile solvent representing city, which cover expenditure representing the apply of anything, a single-age expenditure, regular and monthly expenditures, day-by-day fees, etc.

Exclude come back fees and overweening committals representing operations from brokers that area from ~ 3% to 15%.
Increase the belief between the guest and the occupation, exploitation especial security and confidentiality.

We are zealous enthusiasts of block and spread application, and we are good knowing of the space that be between the requires of on-line request and the existent solving of block. Credence carte processing organizations are slowly maturing out of date and require a custom that is fashioned in agreement with the requires of a swiftly germinating, world-wide and application-impelled thriftiness.

Our aim is to redecorate the expenditure processing process and make a
favorable crypto-currentness thriftiness supported on the expenditure
conduct PumaPay with the aid of the Tow application (net comment
application in which the primary information asking is prepared close
to the guest and the answer is created close to the computer)

Pull conventions representing defrayals from PumaPay is fashioned representing: Standardization and activity of the opportunity of complete way of expenditure on the free unit; Decentralization of the charge business and asset meaningful money on diverse intermediaries; Increase the apply of crypto currentness in the on-line and offline marketplaces at advertisement levels; Creation of the opportunity to start dynamic societies that desire let dynamic the marketplace close to composing a decentralised variant of each platforms!

Pull customs representing costs from PumaPay grows and promote the apply of crypto - acceptances in diverse ecosystems, sacrifice an modern solvent representing each - in - single request on the megahit. The aim of the formalities PumaPay is to modify the day-by-day prices, exploitation the modern modern structure of the smartness agreement titled "PuIIContract".

A rich "each-in-one" request apparatus is even many true, businesslike, flexile, price-efficient and ascendable than existent request way.

It is aimed at disentangling troubles of belief between ventures and clients, optimizing safety, defending the confidentiality and namelessness of its clients.

Allows partner and individuals to advantage from block application in
a simple and unrestrained method, sacrifice innovative and
accommodative instrument representing exercise. Flexible

A flexile diplomacy that buoy be custom to applicable particular requires. Possibilities allowed close to PumaPay get no restricts!

Credit carte processing organizations are slowly maturing out of date and require to be superseded with a rules fashioned in agreement with the requires of world-wide, managed and swiftly growing application of the thriftiness.
PumaPay desire develop the expenditure processing process and make a crypto-currentness thriftiness supported on the PumaPay Tow Expenditure Convention.

This conventions make use of the modern structure of the smartness agreement "PullContract", which desire simplify and breakthrough the apply of crypto currentness in the on-line and offline marketplaces to advertisement levels.

PumaPay desire offer its consumers with certain, flexile, unwasteful, thrifty and ascendable expenditure performances. Compared to existent expenditure way, containing credence playing-card and essential money (representing instance, BTC), the Twist expenditure formalities is fashioned from the primer up to overtake existent barriers. PumaPay@ propose a fix of instrument that desire paraphrase the processes representing both occupation and individuals.

web: https://pumapay.io/
whitepaper: https://pumapay.io/docs/pumapay_whitepaper.pdf
telegram: https://t.me/pumapay
twitter: https://twitter.com/pumapay
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pumapay/
reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/pumapay/
ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2658299.0

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