GeoManna Project: An Inovative Social Funded Ecosystem Based On The Blockchain Technology

With job markets becoming increasingly unstable, the provision of a macrocosmic daily income could be the key to a prosperous modern economy. The prospect of providing people with free daily income is nothing incipient, libertarians have long held the credence the policy safeguards a fundamental kind of liberation, while the left hail its potential to foster more preponderant equipollence. Rudimental daily income would increment everybody’s capacity to cope with financial shocks and uncertainties and would ameliorate general quality of life, while fortifying many different kinds of work, with or without pay.
There is one astonishing project that seek to distribute daily income to the people. That project is called GeoManna project. GeoManna platform is a decentralized Socially funded ecosystem for direct peer to peer interaction. The project seeks to eliminate mediators from relationships between the people and companies, so their interactions would be transparent, safe, and remuneratively lucrative. In other words, all GeoManna platform users can exchange points obtained from partner programs, GeoManna token platforms, or otherwise, to exchange point tokens in a partner program. Users can utilize the GeoManna platform to purchase products in partnerships, as well as advertising and promoting their products. GeoManna platform is a decentralized solution predicated on the closure, which solves the quandary of allegiance in utilizing the points.
The main features of the GeoManna platform include wallet, exchange, promotion, storage, and purchase. Flip-Flops will simultaneously manage and integrate multiple partners. Both platforms will benefit both consumers and business owners, as both will gain consequential benefits from ads, discounts, and facile management of their accounts. Partners will be able to drive customers with high points of allegiance , and clients will stop worrying about losing their discount or forgetting to utilize their payments. This is indubitably an advanced and subsidiary conception that will significantly amend our lives. GeoManna is already in the market presently to raise fund through ICO so that it can raise enough fund to actualize the aims and objectives of this great project. There are only few days left for the Pre-Ico to commence. What are you waiting for avail yourself this opportunity to be a component of this even and ascertain yourself and family a better future.
The Geomanna project has a strong team of experts who ready to manage the affairs of the project to a successful completion.

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