Glitzkoin Project: Trading Diamonds Using The Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are two concepts that have taken the global community by surprise with their cutting edge approach and moribund benefits,some of which include decentralized ecosystems, cost reduction and fast financial transactions. Many people who invested in the blockchain cryptocurrency industry have continue to make profits from their investments because crypto investments are very profitable. Generally speaking investors are always looking for investments with high rate of return on investment. There is an amazing blockchain project which is now taking over the cryptocurrency space that is very promising. The project is no other than the Glitzkoin project. The project aim to build an open source blockchain based ecosystem for trading of diamonds. The whole idea is to create a decentralized ecosystem that will bring transparency and simplicity to the diamond industry. Despite all the efforts of the blockchain to transform the global economy no blockchain ecosystem has dealt specifically with the diamond industry. There was a urgent need for transparency,visibility and objectivity in the diamond which was felt many years ago. Also the diamond market was limited by the need for person to person contact when purchasing a diamond purchase or sale. With the so many pitfalls and problems of the diamond ecosystem it calls for revamping of diamond industry using the blockchain technology. The Glitzkoin project is planing to this revamping using the blockchain technology. It aims to provide solutions to these problems by integrating the best features of the conventional diamond industry with the utility and functionality of the latest blockchain technology. The use of the blockchain will enable cost reduction and transparency in the diamond industry. If you really want know the details about Glitzkoin project I encourage you to read the official whitepaper on the company website as it has a very clear and concise explanation of their solutions: The Glitzkoin project is going to utilize the blockchain smart contract to manage all is actions. It will employ Glitzkoin in its ecosystem. Glitzcoin is a utility token designed for use in the decentralized blockchain ecosystem for the diamond industry. Its purpose is to enable transactions in the ecosystem go faster and trustless thereby creating confidence in both buyers and sellers in diamond market. To own the Glitzkoin utility token you can visit the website:
Glitzkoin project is pioneer with a team of experts which consist of blockchain developers advisors, engineers,consultants and marketing managers. Members of the team include; Navneet Goenka,Olga Rosina, Shashank Agarwal, Sofia Fischer, Lila Hussian, Dato Alia Hm Jally and Dinesshwaran Yoogan. With this powerful combination they are very ready to carry out the project execution to a successful completion. We wish them success. Also don't forget to join the community by investing in the Glitzkoin project here:
For further information about the project visit;
Official Website:
Official Whitepaper:
Ann Thread:
Written by Ebenezer Oyeodini Ipah
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