Hussy Project: Reconventing The Prostitution Industry With The Blockchain Technology


Prostitution has been viewed as a convivial taboo for a nation both developed and underdevelop. The history of the romans stipulated that prostitution is subjected to public travesty where prostitutes are made to dance unclad in the public afore they are subjected to other penalizations. However the act of prostitution has raised ecumenical concern as a result of the perils affixed to it, in most cases, they suffer from rape, molestation, sexually transmitted diseases , apprehend , assaults from their customers and more lamentably bellicose death which have made most countries of the world to criminalize it and prosecute these offenders. Albeit the business has gone under cover but the most shocking story about this business and from the statistics of data available in the cyber world,prostitution conventionally raise billions of US dollars yearly and in a bid to remodel this ineluctably foreordained challenges; the Hussy project was introduced to make the business licit, disease free, less precarious and profit oriented.Hussy project vision is to engender a future where all women are in control of their own sexuality including consensual exchange of mazuma for sex with competency to get fair price timing and circumstance of the sexual act. The conception is to engender a decentralized, due diligence and escorting infrastructure that is safe by design utilizing the blockchain technology. The project intends to proffers anonymized but verifiable KYC compliance, professional health certification and proof of consent stored in the blockchain.By denotes of simplifying the above cardinal objective of hussy project, it endeavors to give every women the right to do with their body devoid of any restriction as championed by some human right activist over time. After unraveling the multiplicity of terror women face in sex hawking to make mazuma, Hussy project has formulated measures with the utilization of blockchain technology to regulate the inflow and outflow of information in engendering a safe, seamless, and salubrious networking structure about sex business whereby, women can make commensurate income by rendering out sexual accommodation to the magnetization of their customers. The utilization of the blockchain technology will give trust and transparency with the Hussy ecosystem. To get the details about the Hussy project please read the project whitepaper here:
Hussy has a dual networking designates with the blockchain and without which are; On Chain( Distributed service); it has a blockchain that is entirely decentralized and links clients with their service providers without a third party, On-Chain (Centralized service); it does not have a blockchain, rather it makes utilization of a 3rd party in mediating between the service providers and the clients through a phone call.
Recollect that Hussy is going to make utilization of the smart contract to manage all its actions. It will employ the utilization of Hussy token(HUS) in its ecosystem. HUS token is a utility token that will be utilized for paying of advertising fees to the Hussy platform. The token is not intended for mediating payments between service providers and clients which could be relegated as pimping in many countries. Additionally the token is not a portion in the hussy company and does not entitle the token holder to a portion of the company's profit. Hussy has a very pellucid roadmap for its project which can be visually perceived below:


The consensus mechanism for Hussy ecosystem is proof of consent(POC). Hussy project is led by a team of blockchain technology experts who are yare to carry out the project execution to a prosperous conclusion. We opt-ate them prosperity in all their endeavor. Please don't forget to visit Hussy website here:
For further information about Hussy project visit;
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