LIQUID 8: P2P Platform for Transferring Real World Assets to the Crypto World


The adoption of Block chain technology has escalate or intensify the potential to change the current financial landscape by presenting an ecosystem which is more efficient, secure, transparent and fair, eliminating the overwhelming influence of large, centralized financial institutions. The impact of blockchain on the overall financial sector cannot be overstated, it is potentially the single greatest change that has occurred in the 21st century. Instead of keeping separate records based on either party’s transaction receipts, blockchain technology enables the direct recording of transactions into a public ledger which can be viewed by all parties.
Every transaction is updated in real-time, creating a reliable system of enduring accounting records. The usual adoption of blockchain technology within the financial industry has yet to be achieved because of blockchain’s complexity. Particularly, there is a need for a simple, efficient, secure and transparent solution for the three primary services of the financial industry: Asset Management, Exchange and Lending. All of these are still burdened with excessive and inconvenient procedures within the traditional banking infrastructure, and the lack of an efficient and user-friendly infrastructure to connect real-world economy with its emerging digital counterpart. With this issues and problem brought forth a block chain technology on multi-functional platform known as Liquid8.
What Liquid8 is all about?
Liquid8 is a block chain-based peer-to-peer multi-functional platform that aims to revolutionize the digital economy, by bridging the gap between real-world assets and the emerging digital economy. Liquid8 will introduce a peer-to-peer digital services platform, where owners of real-world assets: traditional assets and alternative assets, are able to tokenize their asset, allowing the asset to be represented by digital tokens within the block chain ecosystem. Tokenized assets can then be exchanged and loaned between platform users within Liquid8’s Multi-Asset Wallet, making obtaining financial services and managing tokenized assets and crypto assets simple and convenient. The Liquid8 platform will revolve around the use of smart contracts. This ensures that assets transacted within the platform can be accurately accounted for, without the need of intermediaries.
Features of LIQUID8
Liquid8’s Multi-Functional Platform will offers 3 main features:

    Liquid8 will allows ownership rights of real world assets to be digitized through tokenization so that they users can traded digitally, creating a vast array of opportunities for peer to peer financial services. This platform will also offers a market place where tokenized assets and crypto assets can be exchanged between users in a peer to peer nature of exchanges which guarantee cost effectiveness and flexibility when compared with transactions through traditional exchanges. Also the platform will offers a lending marketplace that directly matches borrowers to lenders.
    Liquid8’s digital services platform will create an ecosystem with realworld utility. They will not be selling dreams – they will be leveraging proven technologies that are readily available, such as Ethereum, Kyber Network, 0x Protocol, and similar technological protocols. At the same time, they will continue to focus our research on the challenges of application, to improve the platform and its underlying technologies, with the sole purpose of making life easier and better for our community. Liquid8 looks forward to becoming a gateway to unite quality start-ups, consumers and financial service providers within a secure, transparent and fair ecosystem.


  1. Illiquidity
  2. High minimum investment requirements
  3. Costly transaction fees
  4. Lengthy transaction fees
  5. Lengthy transaction process
  6. Overly-strict personal credit assessment
  7. Storage:
    Solution Emanated by Liquid8
    Liquid8 will develop a tokenization protocol to simplify the process of digitizing real-world assets, with a combination of off-chain and on-chain proof-of-assets protocols, to ensure all assets submitted for tokenization or listing on Liquid8’s P2P marketplace are validated for their compliance, existence, ownership and value.
    The off-chain protocol consists of two elements:
    » Online Off-chain module - Data feeds extracted by oracle or IoT devices, and due diligence that can completed online via smart contract digital signatures
    . » Offline Off-chain module - Data collected via relevant agencies/ institutions, and due diligence which can only be processed by signing of traditional paper-based agreements.

The on-chain protocol involves the development of tokenization smart contracts and smart asset tokens: blockchain-based digital tokens that are pegged to real-world assets


Benefits of investing in Liquid8
This platform has a range of a clear significance with the tokenization of real world assets, the benefits are outline below:

  1. It allows the ownership rights of real-world assets to be transferred and traded on a digital platform.
  2. As tokenized assets can be sub-divided, the threshold for investing is reduced significantly. Assets with significant valuations, inaccessible by traditional investment means, become accessible to small scale investors when tokenized
  3. It provides security, reliability and proof of ownership, thanks to blockchain’s distributed ledger technology
  4. It significantly increases the liquidity of traditionally illiquid assets, such as real estate, collectibles
  5. It gives investors the benefit of lower deposit and withdrawal fees due to the elimination of intermediaries, because of the efficiency of the smart contracts used.

The Liquid8 P2P Social Exchange is a peer-to-peer social exchange marketplace that utilizes a smart price-optimizing engine to connect two parties locally or globally within our exchange marketplace, enabling both parties to exchange their crypto assets with fiat currencies or exchange from one crypto asset to another based on mutually-agreed exchange terms – eliminating the need for intermediaries, along with all the costs associated with them. Both parties will enjoy not only lower transaction fees, but also better exchange rates compared to those offered through intermediaries..


Liquid8 debit card
Liquid8 will be launching a crypto debit card for the convenience of all community members after the token sale. The debit card will enable Liquid8 members to spend their crypto assets stored in their Liquid8 Multi-Asset Wallets with any merchant who accepts card payments. They will also be able to convert their crypto holdings into fiat currencies and make withdrawals at ATMs around the globe.


Soft Cap $3 Million
Target $30 Million
Hard Cap $35 Million
Total Token Supply 700 Million Tokens
Tokens for Public Sale 350 Million Tokens (50%)
Private/Pre-Sale Bonus Token and Airdrop Rewards 105 Million Tokens (15%)
Token Price $0.10 Note:
All unsold tokens will be burned.





Liquid8 Team members is outline below:

  1. May Sukumpeeranont Co-Founder - Chief Executive Officer
  2. Michael Lim Chief Operation Officer
  3. Carl Kongka Co-Founder - Chief Technology Officer
  4. Jirawan Prempee Co-Founder - Chief Commercial Officer
  5. Sudarat Suttaloon Co-Founder - Chief Research Officer
  6. Leong Hon Chan Co-Founder - Chief Investment Officer
  7. Tayri Tay Co-Founder - Chief Marketing Officer
  8. Tionz Tay Co-Founder - Chief Strategy Officer
  9. Anthony Georgiades Technical Development Lead
  10. Stanislav Sahniuk Blockchain Development Lead
  11. Sergey Blazhko Senior Mobile Apps Developer
  12. Abdullah Salim Digital Marketing & Branding Lead
  13. Denys Yakovenko Front-end developer
    Advisors of liquid8 platform
  14. Mykola Vdovychenko Legal Advisor
  15. Alexander Linenko Tokenization Advisor
  16. Rumen Slavchov PR & Marketing Advisor
  17. Andrey Korotkov ICO Business Analyst
  18. Prakash Pandey ICO advisor
  19. Harry Choong Startup Advisor
  20. Enrique Carlos Peribanez Villa Investment Strategy Advisor
  21. Benoit Thimister Investment Strategy Advisor
    For more details you can click on the link below:
    Bitcointalk profile:;u=994327
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