Statistics shows that digital media is estimated to take in 237 billion USD annually, 40% of the global ad expense. This figure is expected to grow2 to 291 billion USD or by 50% in 2020. Yet, in a 2017 survey3, the vast majority of chief marketing officers responding said they could not demonstrate return on investment (ROI) for online advertising. This is because programmed bots and scam accounts inflate the number of views, clicks and impressions that determine the costs and effectiveness of digital advertising, even if you connect with publishers directly, the problem still exists. It is hard to validate the web traffic numbers projected by publishers and translate them into ROI or KPI numbers for advertisers. Many studies has been conducted making things worse for the digital ad industry revealing that advertisers wasted 16.4 billion USD in 2017 on ad fraud traffic, this also in line with the other research predicting that ad fraud consume 19 million USD in 2018 and 22 billion USD in 2020. Centralized ad platforms are also notorious for double standards with regard to the ads and advertisers they wish to support or ban, centralized ad platforms like Google and Facebook have been inefficient at keeping a check on malicious publishers; thereby, potentially harming the brand and reputation of advertisers. Publishers suffer from a lack in data transparency. Also there is also a lack of transparency on potential advertising income for publishers due to opaque. Advertisers often prefer working with ad exchange networks that utilize programmatic ad buying rather than working directly with publishers, finally data accuracy is one of the major creating problems for publishers. Here comes a decentralized AI – enabled cognitive advertising network using block chain to resolves the issues been faced by many publishers, advertisers etc. This platform is known as NOIZ.
What Noiz all about?
NOIZ is a peer to peer, decentralized advertising platform and data marketplace powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain architecture. In a peer to peer (P2P) ad network, the middle man is replaced by a facilitator. NOIZ will address these digital ad issues, backed by a strong team of advertising veterans from top ad agencies like Dentsu and Ogilvy, with decades of experience in the industry. NOIZ is a decentralized ad server, allowing the community to be the driving force behind the advertising ecosystem. This will help build a robust advertising model with true engagement now and in the long term.
Solution of Noiz platform

  1. Fight back against click fraud (for advertisers and publishers : NOIZ ads combine one form of AI, which identifies and filters out spambot activities, with an AI cognitive bot that creates dialogue boxes for consumers to converse with.
  2. Increase Engagement (for advertisers): Advertisers create interactive ads with dialogue boxes, which improve consumer engagement. Holding a conversation within the ad allows for more interactions and information to be collected.
  3. Bring transparency to digital advertising (for advertisers and publishers).
  4. Prevent data leakage (for consumers).
  5. Empower community and add accountability to advertising model (for everyone)
  6. Establish reliable targeting of Ads
  7. Facilitate a consumer data marketplace (for advertisers, publishers and consumers)
  8. Incorporate social responsibility campaigns into NOIZ ecosystem (for everyone)
    Benefits of Noiz
  9. Advertisers and publishers will know with whom they are directly working.
  10. Allocation of money within the advertising deal is community knowledge.
  11. Data is filtered to weed out web traffic that is generated from bots.
  12. The past advertising / publishing performance of NOIZ community members is visible.
  13. All information is recorded over an immutable block chain i.e. non destructible safe.
  14. Noiz is creating a win – win solution between users and the brands in building a robust advertising model for true engagement.
    Features of NOIZ
  15. They works on Ad creative and targeting options
  16. Types of targeting
    NOIZ Ecosystem
    NOIZ ecosystem is built to decentralize all the functions of a centralized ad network with active participation of the community, where the community benefits for performing those functions. The NOIZ ecosystem made uses the NOIZ token, which will facilitate all the transactions in the entire NOIZ ad network ecosystem
    Importance of this ecosystem
  17. Peer to peer advertising marketplace
  18. Peer-to-Peer Consumer Data Marketplace
  19. Coupons via Ads and Redemption
  20. Consensus-based Advertiser / Ads Approval
  21. Consensus-based Publisher / Content Approval
  22. Consensus Powered Social Impact Funds Release
    Showing below is the route plan of NOIZ project:
    Token Allocation
    There will be a total of 400 million NOIZ tokens issued. They will be distributed amongst the Charitable Foundation, Founding Team, Community Growth, Advisors, Reserves, and Token Sale.
    180,000,000 (45%) NOIZ tokens will be distributed during the Token Sale 80,000,000 (20%) NOIZ tokens will be kept as Reserves 8,000,000 (2%) NOIZ will be rewarded to community members through a Community Growth program 32,000,000 (8%) NOIZ is set aside for the Advisors 40,000,000 (10%) NOIZ is held for Charitable Foundations participating in the platform 60,000,000 (15%) NOIZ will be distributed among the Core Team members.


To every success of a business or project there exists some brains or expert’s, here below showing the core team of NOIZ project
For more details you can click on the following links :
Official Website url:
Telegram url:
Whitepaper url:
Token Sale Start and End Dates: 15 Jul 2018 - 15 Aug 2018
AUTHORED BY : Ebenezer Oyeodini Ipah
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