Nousplatform: An Innovative Investment Platform Based On The Blockchain Technology

Recently there have been many cryptocurrency projects providing investors with new and amazing opportunities to back promising startups launching on the basis of proprietary cryptocurrency or token platform. Many investors who actually invested in cryptocurrency market in the last few years are now going home with huge profits. These investors have continue to go home with these amazing gains from cryptocurrency projects that come from ICOs. There is one important ICO that is the talk of the town. It 's called Nousplatform. The aim of Nousplatform is to provide an investment platform based on the blockchain technology for interaction between investors and decentralized funds. The idea is to provide a mechanism for tokenization of assets for existing companies and establishment of new companies. It's to be noted that the average investor faces so many problems in the course of taking a project investment decision. Some of these problems include; lack of real time unaltered fund performance data of the funds, intermediries and high commission, high entry level for small investors and portfolio diversification and liquidity problem. Also cryptocurrency investors due to transparency of cryptocurrency funds lacks the possibility for efficient investment in the managed cryptocurrency assets. Most of these funds are not auditable and as such are not transparent. Few of them are audited quarterly or annually which is not enough on such dynamic and high volatile market as cryptocurrency assets. Therefore investors need more efficient instrument to analyze performance of the funds or projects in real time. With these so many obstacles and problems associated with these funds there is need for total overhauling of the situation. Nousplatform intends to provide solutions to all these issues using the blockchain technology. Its aim is to provide an open protocol that allows investors to interact with financial projects, to purchase and sell cryptocurrency assets using the smart contract blockchain network without intermediaries. The use of the blockchain technology will help increase trust and transparency in the Nousplatform ecosystem. To have a clear and concise view of the Nousplatform project you can go through the company's official whitepaper here: Nousplatform project is going to make use of the Ethereum smart contract network to manage all its actions. It will employ NSU tokens in its ecosystem. NSU token is a utility token designed as in-platform currency to establish enhanced functionality of the Nousplatform ecosystem. You can contribute and receive some those NSU utility tokens by visiting the official website here:
Nousplatform project is led by a team experience professionals who are very vast in their fields of endearvour. Members of this great team include people like; Colin Breeze, Anatol Ostrowski, Alex Man, Andrew Vorobyovski, Victor Pulinev, John Cioe, Brian Kusmer, Ken Tachibana, Norman Chou, Ahsan B Ali, Viv Anand, Bentamin Theobald, Bonnie Normile and Yagub Rahima. These people are capable of taking the Nousplatform project to a successful ending. We wish this powerful team a great success. Don't forget to go to the official website to learn more about the Nousplatform:
For further information about the project visit:
Official website:
Official whitepaper:
Written by Ebenezer Oyeodini Ipah
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