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Quadrant Project: An Innovative Blockchain Based Protocol For Data Mapping

Many people globally who invested in the cryptocurrency(Crypto) market in the past few years are now reaping heavily from their investment portfolio. It is worthy to note that crypto investments which are online investments based on the blockchain technology are very profitable. Crypto investors have continued to reap high gains from crypto projects that carry out initial coin offering popularly called ICOs which is a process that enable startups companies to raise funds to execute their selected projects. Business minded people are always looking for investments opportunities that will guaranty them high rate of return on investment(ROI). There is one amazing project that is currently making waves in the crypto investment space. This project is called Quadrant. The project aim to create a blockchain protocol that enable the access, creation and distribution of data product and services with authenticity and provenance. The idea is to modernize the way data is managed. The current data economy is fraught with a lot of problems. There is a widening gap between data vendors and data producers in terms of fair revenue distribution. Without a healthy data economy the rising demand for authentic data would not be attained. With the so many downfalls and problems with the data ecosystem it calls for a total restructuring of the data economy. Quadrant project is planning to do the restructuring using the blockchain technology. It aims to pros-fer solutions to these problems by providng a blue print for mapping data sources. Its consensus mechanism is to support proof of authenticity and provenance via data stamping and the creation of constellations. The use of the blockchain technology will help reduce cost, bring trust and transparency to the data ecosystem . If you really want to know the details about this project you should not hesitate to head on to the official whitepaper which contain all information about Quadrant project. You can find it here:
Quadrant project is going to make use of smart contract to manage all its actions. It will employ two different cryptocurrencies; eQuad and Quad in its ecosystem. Quad is a utility token designed to be use in the Quadrant ecosystem while eQuad is an ERC20 compliant token that will be sold during the token generation event. eQuad may be converted to Quad via a gateway when the Quadrant mainnet is launched. You can contribute and receive a piece of the future of Quadrant project here:
Another way to earn tokens of the Quadrant project is to take part in the marketing campaigns which include social media campaigns, signature campaign, translations campaign, article/blog campaign and other tasks which can help spread words about the project. You can check the rules of the campaigns here:
Bitcointalk forum has an announcement section for project discussions where you can ask all questions about Quadrant project:
Quadrant project is led by a team of experience people which consist of blockchain developers, advisors, engineers, operations and marketing experts. Members of the team include powerful people like Mike Davie, Barkha Jasani, Sharique Azam Roger Ganga, Marlina Farhim, Navas Khan, Nikos Kostopolos, Dorjee Sun, Benedict Chan, Hari Krishaan, Everett Leonidas, Jeremy Seow and Whit Walker. With this synergy they can deal with every challenge that willp arise during the course of executing the project. We wish the team luck to carry out the Quadrant project to a successful completion. We also wish the people who will join the Quadrant community. Don't forget to go the main project official website to learn more about the project and to get your eQuad tokens:
For further information about the Quadrant project visit;
Official Website:
Official Whitepaper:
Ann Thread:
Written By Ebenezer Oyeodini Ipah
My Bitcointalk profile:;u=994327

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