Hello dear friends, guests and subscribers of my Golos blog. In this article, we will talk about the essence of the project, the problems that are currently available in the online betting industry, the solution of these very problems, the token, discuss the details of the ICO, get acquainted with the project team and summarize.

I'll try, more briefly, but it's clear to tell about this project!

Currently, the sports betting industry is gaining momentum thereby attracting a huge number of people. Interest in bookmaker platforms has grown several times over the past two years. Because some people believe that betting can win a good amount. This is certainly so, but unfortunately you can lose and remain with nothing. It's not so bad, because it all depends on the person who makes the decision and puts the stakes. But there are a lot of problems that happen in online bookmakers. For example, the lack of trust in online bookmakers, as well as the lack of transparency, strict and incomprehensible rules in which users are limited, high transaction fees and high operating costs. I just listed the main ones, and there are others too. In general, at the moment, online betting platforms have many different problems. But the BX.BET platform has its own solution to these serious problems.

BX.BET is a decentralized platform that implements blocking technologies into the betting system for various events. On the platform, you can bet not only on a particular sport, but also on other different events. The BX.BET platform uses blocking technology. And it speaks about safety, reliability and transparency. The system also works with smart contracts, which in turn reduces transaction costs, gives registered users full control of their fund and carry out transactions with rates at any time. Platform BX.BET removes any intermediaries. And this is a huge plus. BX.BET eliminates all currently available problems with rates.


  1. Absence of intermediaries. That is, everything happens directly and does not need to pay extra.
  2. Bets are accepted in any quantity and at any convenient time for the user.
  3. Absolutely any user can become a bookmaker. That is, you can predict and other users are already deciding whether to accept your forecast (bet) or not.
  4. Blocking technology. The block will provide transparency, reliability and low commissions for transactions.
  5. The interface. The interface will be very convenient and simple, any user can easily figure out the platform.
  6. The system of voting. Voting determines the outcome of any events. Voting can not be wound.
  7. Profitable coefficients.
  8. Possibility of participation in trading.

    The token of this platform is BX. BX standard ERC 20 based on ETH. Token BX is an integral part of the ecosystem. It will be used to conduct all transactions within the platform, namely, to make bets, to reward users for active participation and determine the results of the market.

Name of the token - BX
Standard - ERC20
Period Pre-Sale - 10/15/2018 - 10/29/2018
Period of the main sale - 19.11.2018 - 17.12.2018
The price for the BX token is 0.19 $
Total number of tokens - 200,000,000 BX
For sale allocated tokens - 120,000,000 BX
Soft Cap is 5,000,000 $
Hard Cap is $ 20,000,000

Undoubtedly, the BX.BET project will have great prospects in the future, as the project has a very experienced and hardworking team, and an interesting concept. The project BX.BET has every chance to become one of the leading platform in the field of online betting on blockchainhope the team will manage to fulfill all the tasks that are facing them.

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