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Blockonomics is a platform that is based on blockchain technology and is new and unique in its kind. This platform is designed for the security of transactions between the two sides, the idea itself is far from new, but by making its adjustments the platform ensures the security and transparency of the transaction for both parties wishing to conclude a deal on buying or selling cryptocurrency.

The platform itself will work only with bitcoin, the choice fell on it not by accident. To date, bitcoin is one of the most popular and most stable currencies in the world.

The most important goal for developers is to create a convenient, safe and fast platform with absolutely transparent transactions, which in turn will create comfort, security and convenience for users who enter into transactions with each other. Today in the market only Blockonomics is able to create the most comfortable conditions with the maximum capabilities, where security will be above all, and convenience will be provided by the technology of blocking using a new system of smart contracts.

How does the platform work?
"In simplicity, there is genius," I think, it was this slogan guided by the developers when writing platform algorithms, because the easier they are, the better even for the platform itself. Here and Blockonomics works on absolutely simple algorithms, which gives a small load on the server and minimal communication delays between the server and the user's device. At the same time, the platform has created its own specialized electronic wallets with the implementation of certain plug-ins that will allow to carry out transactions for the purchase or sale of crypto currency quickly and reliably, without the involvement of extraneous electronic purses. The bonus is that you will be able to pay for your purchases in specialized stores or companies with which Blockonomics cooperates.

What is the difference between Blockonomics and other platforms?
Now it is very difficult to get to the first place, to overtake the leaders who have earned a reputation for years, attracted customers and carried out major deals, which is one of the reasons why many companies can not last long on the market. In order to climb to the top of this Olympus you need to have extraordinary qualities, differ from competitors and keep a high level. What can Blockonomics offer us, what are its strengths and development plans?

To get a better understanding of the project itself, I bring for you the main goals, tasks and prerogatives that Blockonomics sets itself for the first time, just from this it will be possible to understand how this project differs from the others like it. So:

  • Decentralization:
    The main idea of decentralization is that even the developers themselves do not have the opportunity to access personal data of users, which gives us confidence in the complete anonymity and security of our data, including wallets.
  • Security:
    Apart from the fact that the Blockonomics platform is completely decentralized, additional security will be provided by individual access keys of each user that are randomly generated and issued only once, without the right to restore, which provides additional protection to user profiles, thereby providing security to each of us and the platform as a whole. It is this privilege that Blockonomics gives to everyone, which distinguishes this site from the rest, namely multi-level protection of personal data.
  • Absence of third parties:
    There will be no intermediaries on this platform, which will exclude the commission for the transaction itself, it will only be necessary to pay a commission for the transaction itself, which will be charged only in difference of rates, and the transactions themselves will be under full protection of the blockchain technology, so the chance of being deceived equals zero.
  • Absence of KYC:
    To date, everyone has begun to forget about the original principles of blockchain technology, that is, to remain completely anonymous, but Blockonomics does not collect personal data of users, which gives another advantage over other platforms, you remain absolutely anonymous.
  • Speed of work:
    You can pay tribute to the development team and the platform for speed. All payments take place within a few minutes, and sometimes come instantly, which saves considerable waiting time and, perhaps, nerves.
    ICO Details:
    Token: Blockonomics
    Ticker: BCK
    Token platform: Ethereum
    Total number of tokens issued: 1 000 000 000
    Hardcap: $ 10,000,000
    Price of the token: 1 BCK = 0.002 $
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