To date, there are regularly appearing promising ICO. There are a lot of them, and in this article I decided to consider another ICO called Blockonomics. The project can really be considered promising, since a really experienced team of specialists is working on its development.

Now the team has launched its own ICO to collect the required amount of funds. The collected funds will be used to further develop the product and launch innovative solutions. In the future, thanks to this project, it will be possible to significantly expand the introduction of bitcoins as a means of payment around the world. The specialist already has a ready-made work product, which at the moment works as a payment gateway.

What products does Blockonomics offer?

  • Control function Bitcoin wallet. This is where all the transactions that go with the wallet will be reflected.
  • Equivalent exchange function. This function is quite important. With her help, each person will have a wonderful opportunity to send bitcoins and do not worry about price changes during their translation. In addition, all translations are securely encrypted to preserve confidentiality.
  • The researcher of chain blockchain. It can be used to track a variety of transactions.
  • Plugin for online stores. Each entrepreneur with this plug-in will be able to accept payment in bitcoin. All transactions for third parties are completely confidential.
  • If necessary, now bitcoin can also be sent by e-mail. On the mail, the recipient will receive a link to the wallet, as well as the key to enter. For the security of data, you also need not worry.

Name of the token: Blockonomics Token.
Symbol: BCK.
Platform: ETHEREUM.
Number of tokens released: 1,000,000,000.
Price 1 BCK: 0.002 Crowdsale: August 1-August 15, 2018.

Based on the information that is indicated in this article, it is safe to say that Blockonomics is a truly innovative project that will turn the world around. If you go into more details in detail then we can say about effective tools that can be implemented in almost any business area. If you liked this project, and you plan to invest in it, then you should go to the official website.

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