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Greetings to you, dear friends, if you read these lines, then you decided to change your life.
Today I will tell you about the new project Dealjoy.

The development team decided to organize a global network that will connect buyers and marketers and, using the technology of the block, will return the first part of the money spent on shopping. And it will do it instantly and in the crypto currency. The most basic thing at the same time is to make a purchase through this decentralized platform, then you will receive commission instantly.
Cashback will go to your wallet in the form of Dealjoy tokens, created based on Ethereum. Unlike all popular payment systems, there will not be large interest for transfers, limits of funds and other inconveniences. The platform will pay cashback immediately, bypassing any intermediaries. And the users of the decentralized platform can withdraw funds at any time.
The innovation of the platform is that the cashback is returned in the crypto currency, which can be sold at the crypto-exchange, transfer the Dealjoy token into bitcoins. Such a proposal has not been put forward yet, all the other cashback services return funds in fiat money. Crypto currency is the money of the future, it should not be forgotten. This decentralized platform has all the prerequisites for active growth.

Premium participation
Basic access to the platform is free. Anyone can download the Dealjoy application to their phone. Those who want to get the most out of the platform, it is worth to get tokens Dealjoy. Their specific number will give the following advantages:
-Access to premium transactions (DealFeed).

  • Instant cashback.
    -Maximum fast registration of orders.
    Taking part in the work of the platform, acquiring goods through it, you can earn a crypto currency. All users do not need personal identification, your data, information about preferences and purchases will be kept secret. The platform unites traders, buyers and exchanges, where you can exchange or sell tokens received in the form of commission for purchases.
    Before you go out with your tokens to the market, Dealjoy has established links with such global markets as:
    -iTunes and others.
    With these companies registered and signed contracts with affiliate marketing. Once the beta version of the platform begins work, and this happens in January 2019, buyers will be given instant commissions for purchases in these companies. The list of partners is constantly expanding, the team is working to attract more and more international marketers to the decentralized platform.

    I think that developers are indispensable and high-quality specialists in this branch of platform creation. These are the people who believe in their project and are ready to go to the end, in order to make their dreams a reality and give you a chance to take a step towards the development of the whole world.

    For the project, 1,400,000,000 DEAL tokens are created. 70% of all tokens are available for public sale, 40% of funds will be used to develop the platform, and 30% of funds will be used for marketing. The team working on the platform has many years of experience in product management and blocking technology.
    Ticker: DEAL
    Soft cap: $ 1 700 000 00.
    Hard Cap: $ 8.4 million.
    The rate at which the token will be sold is 1 ETH = 40 000 DEAL.
    Token distribution:
    ICO: 70%
    Reserved: 10%
    Team: 10%
    Partners: 5%
    Marketing: 5%

Conclusion about
I think that this company is full of prospects, it has many advantages and also a dynamic development. Developers are responsibly and qualitatively related to their work, which is great for the demand of the platform of this company. Evaluating all the advantages of the company, I came to the conclusion that the company has a huge potential, which in the future will undoubtedly lead them to success and advancement. I suggest you familiarize yourself with this company in the description.

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