Distributed Credit Chain!

Blockchain is first and foremost a serious technology, therefore it is very important that each project has a solid technological stack, and not only a hype, which, although it helps in the first stages of development, is almost completely useless in the long term without reinforcement in the form of good technology. Therefore, I propose to consider the Distributed Credit Chain from the point of view of technological realization.

The architecture of the platform consists of the following components: decentralized DCC-based applications, account systems (wallets), smart contracts, Gateway for all participants to communicate with the main network, the Open Platform for information exchange between participants and a number of other less significant components.

Decentralized applications based on DCC (Dapp).
The platform seeks to expand its ecosystem, therefore encourages the development of decentralized applications (mobile or desktop) based on its own central network. First of all, the development of applications from credit companies will be encouraged, however, any financial institution with a suitable usage scenario can develop its application.

Accounts (wallets) system.
It is a window for participation in the system for all parties. During registration, DCC generates public and private keys that are access to the account. As the platform will carry out serious transactions, for example, mortgage lending, the developers created a system for joint recovery of access keys, in which private keys in a split form are stored in several independent organizations that individually do not have access to the password. If necessary, the joint actions of these organizations and the client will help restore access.

Security is one of the most important priorities of the system, so the generation of passwords occurs according to a rather complex scheme, which is depicted below:

Gateway (Gateway).
Typically, this gateway is required to access the system of decentralized applications and other users who do not have a direct connection to it. Developers of Distributed Credit Chain offer a wide range of connectivity to their chains: this includes SDK libraries, API protocols and so on.

Open Platform (The Open Platform).
It is a necessary component for the interaction of all participants in the system, the exchange of information between them. Clients, credit institutions, regulators can contact using this part of the platform. The Open Platform will provide users with a blockchain browser (like Etherscan), where you can view all transactions, applications for loans and other information.

Smart contracts.
Since the basis of the network is the interaction between its participants, namely the conclusion of financial transactions, so the system of smart contracts is one of the key components of the platform. Any interaction, whether it is the application for a loan, the conclusion of a loan agreement, payments on loans, etc., is regulated through smart contracts.

Other Features.
The system operates on 2 levels: a core layer (Core layer), and an interactive layer (Interactive layer).

At the kernel level, there is a database, a system cache, smart contracts, a virtual machine, a wallets system and a consensus algorithm. At the interactive level, there are SDK libraries and API protocols, as well as cross-channel functionality needed to interact with other blockchain other than Ethereum.
It is worth noting that the system uses the latest pBFT consensus algorithm.

The result.
I think that now even a simple person, let alone a programmer, understands the power of the software stuffing system, and all possible doubts (if they existed) about the seriousness of this development have disappeared.


Author yacare https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=106549
My telegram @igor190675

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