Distributed Credit Chain. DCC's payment is handled based on the DCCpayment contract, which is responsible for the DCC payment rules for multi-payer participation!

The realities of our time dictate the need for daily care for their financial well-being. This factor requires virtually every person to provide for themselves and their loved ones by receiving money at work, as well as taking loans. Analyzing the financial situation for several decades, it can be said with certainty that the services and goods market is becoming more expensive, the deposit rates are scant, the interest rates on loans are decreasing very slowly. If we compare interest rates on loans in Russia and in Europe, then the European rates are several times lower. The state does not strive to radically improve the current situation, the financial sphere has long needed reform and innovation.

Today I would like to present to your attention the project Distributed Credit Chain http://dcc.finance a decentralized platform based on blockchain to provide a wide range of financial services.
The idea of the project as ever is relevant for our time. Using the DSS platform, obtaining a loan will be quick, convenient, affordable for everyone.

Since there is no state regulation on the platform, lenders are setting lending rates lenders, loans are much more profitable than existing methods of obtaining them. Blockchain allows for safe and transparent transactions.

There is no paperwork to collect and approve a large list of the necessary documents for the confirmation of solvency when it is necessary to obtain a loan. Once you provide the necessary documents for the platform, the information is stored on the locker and is used every time you need to take a loan. You save your time considerably.

Equally important is the fact that everyone can access the platform and all the financial services that are provided to it, regardless of their geographical location.
The uniqueness of this project, in my opinion, is that the project in an unstable market was supported by a huge number of investors, Hard Cap was assembled at an incredibly fast time. But the project team, despite the fact that the ICO has already ended, strive to learn about as many people as possible about this useful and relevant project in our time, for which a PR campaign is being conducted.

The goal of the team is to constantly expand the number of users of the platform. At the moment, Distributed Credit Chain http://dcc.finance has already entered several exchanges with its own DCC platform token, Bibox, Dex.top, Fcoin, Kucoin.

The decision to invest is advised to take on the basis of a thorough analysis of all project documentation. From my point of view, this is a very serious project, with a professional team, a clear plan of action, which they follow. All the necessary links for a more detailed study of the project will be indicated below.




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