"ENDO" Blockchain protocol. ICO LIVE!

To store, track and receive confirmation of data on information is now almost impossible. This is due to the fact that most modern systems now simply can not create secure databases that are closed and can be tracked in certain situations.

As you understand, such an opportunity would be useful to many areas of business. For example, someone sells databases and can not establish the ability to send or confirm information safely. In fact it is necessary to pay in advance for it, that already causes suspicion at one of the parties. In addition, another important point - you can not check whether the information was opened or not. Also, now a low level of security, which can lead to serious problems.

ENDO project is able to solve all these problems due to the fact that it offers a completely new approach absolutely for all users. It is about this project that I will tell in detail in this article.
ENDO is a universal platform, through which it is possible to transfer information, receive confirmation, protect it and track it as necessary.
The project by right occupies a special place in this segment of the market and there is one reason for this - it provides completely new opportunities and approaches.

The platform has many functions, I highlight several of them:

  • Each user will be able to manage the information at his discretion. It looks like this: you can open access, forward information, take notes and much more.
  • You can connect the ability to monitor and monitor the status. For example, you can send certain databases and see if they were used or not.
  • It is possible to get protected access. Thanks to it, you can safely store important information on this platform.
    I will note! ENDO is a project that already works. Of course, this is only the first version of the application, but you can test it right now. The ENDO tool is used in some transport firms and universities.

    What problems does the project solve?
    ENDO I will highlight a few basic problems that ENDO can handle:
  • Centralization. Here it is not, only the user who sent it to the information has access to the information and its management. Even the developers can not make any changes.
  • Loss of information. All information on the ENDO platform is stored in the network of the blockchain system, so that losses, random deletions are excluded.
  • Any information can be deleted or changed. In ENDO this is not, because the technology blockchain provides a highest level of protection.
  • There is no way to check the status of either users who used the information at their discretion. In ENDO, all data on input, reading, copying, etc. are stored.
  • It is difficult to exchange information. With this project, the entire procedure will be transparent and fast, which will open up completely new possibilities.
  • It should be understood that the project brings to our market completely new opportunities that will not leave any person indifferent in our territory indifferent.

    ENDO is a truly innovative project that has many advantages and is rightfully considered one of the best and most promising. There is one reason for this: it carries a new idea and opens up opportunities for many segments of the market, because the information is the most important thing that we have. Also, the activity of the project was highly appreciated by many experts, who left only laudatory comments about the work done.
  • https://endo.im/
  • https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4193980.0

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