Today, social networks are so firmly entrenched in our lives that the composition of the five most popular social sites practically does not change from year to year. Nevertheless, the scale of penetration and use of these social networks differs depending on geography and demographic factors. Understanding these differences plays a big role in targeting a particular audience. Comparing the most popular social networks, it is important to pay attention not to the number of registered accounts, but to the number of active users.

FORESTING is a platform based on blockchain technology, which is a system of distribution of traditional platforms of social networks. It is a platform for social networks to communicate and exchange information. The project was created to provide services that are understandable and simple for all users. Foresting is designed to create a network by distributing revenue through the intelligent creation of content and careful evaluation of the user's content. One of the goals of the project is to demonstrate the current market of coins in real time in the application.

FORESTING includes such functional units as:

  • Foresting for social networks rewarding for social networks.
  • Foresting Bank to provide financial services for the participants of the platform.
  • Lab Foresting to support communities, their activities, provide infrastructure and support.
  • These three components of the project interact with each other and create a single mechanism for the entire platform.

The platform will be able to monitor the activity of users, thus, it becomes possible to know the indicators and statistics. Also on the platform there is an opportunity for all users to vote, which gives the right to choice to everyone. That is, the project wants to create an acceptable and most popular content for users. The project is an intermediary for advertisers, and they, in turn, tend to increase the number of users, increase the effectiveness and need for advertising. Developers believe that each type of content has its value and the user should be rewarded for both their content and for being in the network.

The Foresting platform uses the Truffle Framework (smart contract) to protect transactions JavaScript objects that represent abstractions for working with contracts. These objects are created automatically when you compile the source code for .sol files. The Truffle Framework uses a spelling style with specific strings.

A beta version of this platform will be released soon. And soon the application for Android and iOS will be created.

Project advantages:

  • the presence of a system for remunerating users for the use of the application;
  • use the Truffle Framework for automatic processing of smart contract creation;
  • protected transactions;
  • It is accessible to everyone, even without the knowledge of the blockpush and the cryptocurrency;
  • there is an opportunity to vote;
  • availability of information on the credit rating;
  • use of infrastructure;
  • create an application for Android and iOS;
  • The wallet account will be linked to the FORESTING account;
  • a reliable system of security and privacy for users;

Platform: Ethereum
Type of the token: ERC-20
Name of the token: PTON
Cost: 1 PTON 0.0089 USD
Tokens for sale: 9 600 000 000 PTON
Total tokens: 24 000 000 000 PTON
Whitepaper availability: yes
Availability of KYC: yes

Since the beta version of this platform will soon be released it gives a good opportunity for users to experience the project and understand the essence. The platform takes into account the opinion of each by voting, which in turn is very important for consumers and indicates that developers plan to contact users to improve their platform. It also attracts the fact that there is an opportunity to receive a reward for consuming and providing content. The Foresting project proves the value of user content and turns it into a means, by rewarding for content.



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