"GSC AVIATION" Aviation Platform Immediate Embarcation For An Optimized Supply Chain. ICO LIVE!

Today I will tell you about the company "GSC Aviation" - engaged mostly in logistics solutions for air transport equipment. The idea of this project is to make the process of supplying equipment more transparent and cheaper. In addition, the project is interested in the safe operation of the vehicle. A pleasant bonus is that the project plans to introduce its technologies not only to air transport, but also to rail and road.

The GSC project develops a global and reliable platform for updating information such as: financial strength, minimum conditions, free transfers, delivery, delivery, description and specification of details, as well as resolution resolution. The GSC platform is developing faster, simplifying the integration of new users. In the course of large, large, independent work on the part of each of them, each of which can be obtained from another in the general register (blockchain), which, as a rule, has always been removed at different times. In any case, POW calls an algorithm that runs on all these devices, guarantees the correctness of each of them and prevents harm and malicious actions.

In the sprint sector, for example, by creating the source of all the parts, it can be at risk and can find a supplier, because it can be used for other purposes. In addition to this, the main and technological capabilities of blockchain technology allow to react effectively and efficiently to problems. Blockchain can invest a transnational corporation, the speed and development of these somatic ecosystems:

  • Providing participants with new specialists and suppliers who are not aware of this; with the help of any transactions, reliable contracts and agreements, without the need for a central trusted part, which thus stimulates and ensures effective efficiency.
  • Execution of transactions, transactions, records or related services in accordance with the rule and the correct procedure, since they are full of traseabble and can be used in real time.
  • Providing opportunities to participate in solving the problems associated with the complexity of the process, and also because their life is reduced to minimizing the risks and costs associated with it, as it reminds them how they can cause damage, and can also damage it. This, in the long run, will lead to the fact that the most humane lives will help to minimize mistakes associated with a human error.
  • Providing separate access to differentiation among themselves to add or improve the effectiveness of counterparties, which facilitates efficient management and control.
  • Regular slow and repetitive processes, especially such as billing and delivery for faster digital graphs with a wide range of self-executing related services and successful solutions. Interaction with standard rules effectively guarantees the correct use of undisclosed suppliers and avoids aggravation of all causes related to construction, while time and money.
  • Establish unauthorized access to information, pay and record records to minimize costs and losses.
  • Minimize the role of intermediaries, such as banks or insurers. The GSC platform can guarantee the tracking of the details. The GSC platform has its own information system that manages and interacts with the block chain. Due to the fact that the digital merge of GSC with the block-chain is transparent. GSC, developed specifically for the supplier, allows the supplier to provide the developer with complete information about the authenticity, conditions, processing, conditions and terms of transport.

I think this project deserves a major investment, considering that in the future there will be no spread only to aviation, but also to ground transportation, the company can turn into a global corporation, and investors, in this case, will multiply their capital by dozens of times.

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