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"Homelend" We’re building a blockchain-based, peer-to-peer mortgage lending platform. ICO LIVE!


The main idea is to create a decentralized platform of a new generation for issuing mortgage loans. On the mortgage platform, directly, contracts will be concluded between those wishing to issue a mortgage loan and willing to provide it for mutually beneficial interest. A very professional and well-trained team based in Israel worked on the start-up. This Middle Eastern country is considered the "Nation of Innovations" and is part of the 20 stan with a highly developed economy. The Government of Israel pays great attention to computer technology, innovative development and quality education of its population. In the country there are a lot of people with higher education, a high percentage of Nobel laureates, many scientists, doctors, engineers, professors. The Middle East has the largest amount of venture capital and innovative projects per 1 citizen. A start-up is registered in the Swiss city of Zug, which is considered the "Silicon Capital of Europe". The rules of the ICO will be consistent with the basic principles of Swiss law. Switzerland was named in 2018 by the most friendly state for blockchain projects in Europe. Scandinavian country took 1 place out of 48 countries in Europe and entered the top 10 European countries on the legislative regulation of financial transactions with digital currency. In Switzerland, all the blockchain young and developing projects until 2023 are exempted from paying taxes for making transactions with electronic money. High professionalism, extensive experience, market knowledge, help the team to solve all the tasks set for themselves.

The international mortgage market is developing rapidly. In the turnover of the mortgage market for 2018 will be 31 trillion US dollars. The annual turnover of funds in the US market is 14 trillion US dollars. Only in one America each year is 8 million mortgage, bank loans.
The main goal of the Homelend project is to develop a platform for mortgage loans to all solvent, energetic people who for some reason were denied bank loans. For example, they did not have a credit score in the bank, but they are quite efficient and can gradually pay for the mortgage. Thanks to the method of auction, investors can compete among themselves offering buyers more favorable terms than those that were originally offered by the platform. With mutual desire, clients will independently negotiate the terms of the transaction. On the mortgage platform, directly, without numerous intermediaries, will be concluded agreements between those wishing to issue a loan and willing to provide a mutually beneficial loan at interest. Millions of inhabitants of the Earth need their own living space and are forced to rent housing or pay high-priced, mortgage loans in banks. A significant part of these people can become potential clients of the mortgage platform. The team conducts ICO using crowdfunding ("people's money"). This progressive way of mortgage lending will help millions of people solve their housing problems. Young families will have a real chance not to huddle with family around removable corners, to start a family and children not after 40 years, but much earlier, will make thousands of families around the world more happy and goal-oriented. The ambitious project Homelend will stimulate the youth of the whole world to strive for career growth and success in life.
The second, no less important task, is the reform of an outdated, ineffective, unprofitable and expensive modern banking system. To expand the ability of simple and solvent to quickly register, bypassing a large number of unnecessary intermediaries (banks, lawyers, rent of premises).

What does the token provide and what are its benefits?

  • Get credit, bonuses, discounts can only customers of the site who have on their account HMD;
  • HMD is a utility token, on the Ethereum blockchain, corresponding to the ERC20 token standard. It can be exchanged for any "digital currency" and vice versa.
  • The authors of the project calculated that "intellectual contracts" will save users from $ 480 to $ 960 million, and reducing transaction processing costs will help reduce costs in the domestic markets of America and the European continent from three to 11 billion US dollars a year.


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