"HyperQuant" Multifunctional fintech platform for automated cryptotrading, asset management and dApps creation. ICO LIVE!

Good afternoon dear friends! Today the conversation will go about the field of trading. This sphere has a huge demand. In this case, we will not just talk about trading, but specifically about trading in the field of cryptocurrencies. This area has a wide development at the moment, every day more and more projects are coming out that can benefit the users of the network without a hearsay. At the same time, they have their own internal tokens, which are just traded on stock exchanges. This raises the problem of knowledge of the market and that is why people, for the most part, in order to make a profit, simply leave them for a long period of storage. But some just take and make a profit on the difference in rates. And so, to make a profit on the difference of rates, practice shows that it is not necessary to study the market ideally. In this we can help one wonderful project, which will be discussed today. Meet, a project called HyperQuant.

HyperQuant - in its essence this project realizes a real help to the trader. That is, this help will be in artificial intelligence, which in turn will help to realize trading, while leaving the necessary profit that the user would like. This artificial intelligence in its essence you will replace a real consultant, as it will have all the necessary knowledge to give you what you want, namely the profit at the bidding. This bot will be trained in all the necessary knowledge that the trader uses in the markets.

As you must understand, artificial intelligence is much better at realizing the evaluation of various volumes of information, thereby giving a more accurate forecast for profit. This project is based on technology such as block and smart contracts, through which you will receive a good assessment of their risks. Also, due to this technology, many intermediaries will be excluded, which is very important. This will lead to additional security of funds, as well as cheaper commissions.

As for experienced traders, then this platform will also be useful for them. At its core, it will give them additional earnings, which they will be able to realize by providing their trading moves and plans. Roughly speaking, if this information was useful and received demand, then the trader will receive a reward in the form of internal tokens of this project. This will lead to additional earnings. This token can be either implemented on the platform, or sold on the exchange.

Already today, you can try and not hearsay evaluate this application. Already now you can download the demo version of this application on your smartphone and immerse yourself in the evaluation of this project.

The token will be called: HQT.
The price for this token is: 1 ETH = 3,500 HQT.
The total number of tokens that will be released is 320,000,000 HQT tokens.
There will be 144,000,000 HQT tokens for sale.

I would like to say that I'm just doing reviews on projects and expressing my opinion about this or that product, as well as implementing the ideas that the developers are offering to us. I do not in any way encourage you to invest, because investment is a matter of each user's personal decision. Also, I am not a financial expert who could give advice on investments. You take these decisions purely on your own. I want to remind you that I do not bear any responsibility for your investments.

Website: https://hyperquant.net/
Whitepaper: https://hyperquant.net/en/wp/
Telegram: https://t.me/hyperquant
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hyperquant.net
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HyperQuant_net
REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/HyperQuant/
Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCOgRfmQR-GKJlbnF1tRQPgw
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2104362

Author diimazavr https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1080044

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