"ORBIS" Move your money different and start changing the world! ICO LIVE!

Hello dear friends and guests of my Golos blog. Today i tell you about Orbis.
Pay attention to the fact that the whole world community is working on transactions, because every second sends or receives any information or means. The transaction environment changes over the years. People no longer follow the barter system (I mean the simple exchange, even if money, but the fiat for any product). Digital transformation has led to unprecedented changes in the market. The society does not even notice how ubiquitous and by itself conducts financial integration on a global scale.

Orbis platform is designed to enable us to manage our assets in automatic mode. To implement this basic task, the system provides for a multitude of functions. Within the framework of this startup, a unique blockchain is envisaged. This new chain of blockchain provides funds without commissions. Now you can absolutely perform such necessary functions absolutely free of charge: storage, storage, payment and investment in various cryptocurrencies. These operations can be performed through a special mobile application or through its desktop version.

One of the most important tasks for the near future ORBIS sees the construction of a branch network for the full implementation of its activities. Under the branches here is understood not the usual representative offices of the company with offices and managers at the tables, but original self-service terminals equipped with VR (artificial intelligence) technology. Such a terminal will be able to help the user to perform the necessary operation on his own. Such a withdrawal from the usual branch network is an undoubted plus of the project, as it does not have to pay for the employees of the offices, which will certainly positively affect the financial performance of the company.

Orbis will release its own plastic card for its customers. This card will help us to dispose of our funds at our discretion in the usual mode - buying goods, paying for all kinds of work and services.

We are often accustomed to seeing that within the project there is only one token and, often, its price is extremely unstable. The creation of one token by Orbis was not enough.
The first one is called ORBIS Token (and has the designation ORBS), and the second ORBISInvest (with the designation ORBSi).
ORBS this token has all the characteristics of a token utility, since it will be used exclusively on the platform for internal calculations and other transactions. As for ORBISInvest, it is the purest water security secrets and it was created exclusively for market trades.

In addition, it should be noted that both tokens are created on the Ethereum platform using the ERC20 standard protocol.
Symbol of the token is ORBS;
The token protocol is ERC20;
Platform - Ethereum;
The currencies accepted for investment: ETH, BTC, Fiat;
The minimum investment amount is 0.50 euros;
Soft cap project -500,000 EUR;
Hard cap -25,000,000 EUR;
Total emission of tokens - ORBS;
On the ICO, 62% of all issued tokens are allocated;
ICO will end on October 29;
Location of the project: Estonia.

Of the latest, so to speak "hot" news about the project, I want to say that Orbis, has not yet completed the token, has already entered into cooperation with a powerful project "Credits". Now both of these companies are working together to create their own high-speed blockchain version 5.0. Only according to preliminary data, this joint blockchain company will be able to provide both companies with a speed of 1,000,000 transactions per second.


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