Wppenergy project presents the world with a token that will try to change the usual energy industry already. This is a project that will use 6 new technologies and innovations to make the world a better place. All technologies are interconnected, using a token. So, the project will use the technology of transforming NGO for electric stations that pollute the environment. This means that thanks to the use of advanced WPP HHO technologies, the existing power plants that pollute the air will be transformed and at the same time the operating costs will be reduced.

The platform will use the mobile station HHO in order to produce enough electricity. So, one mobile station of type WPP is capable to produce 1-2 mW per hour. At the same time, the main feature of this technology is that unlike traditional power plants, it does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere. Therefore it is perfect for both private and public sector applications.

The project suggests using the technology of home support for electricity. Now Wppenergy customers will be able to shut down and abandon the usual utility companies that supply expensive energy, for which you have to pay a good amount of money. Now, thanks to the latest technologies that the project offers, you can power your home with electricity from your own independent power source NGO. Thus, people investing money in the project, make small investments, with high return returns.

The platform will be able to unite both buyers and sellers of electrical energy from around the world. The main feature is that energy will be supplied at extremely low prices, which will save significant money, redistributing them into the channel that is necessary for the individual and the entire humanity.

In addition, Wppenergy is a platform using the latest technologies in the field of cryptocurrency exchange. This means that within the platform, you can use crypto tokens for your needs and purposes, in particular for payment of services.

The project is completely official. This is not the platform that collects investments, and then it can disappear from the market. The creation of Wppenergy employs a large team of developers who are constantly looking for new technological solutions in the field of providing energy to your homes or companies.

In order to create such a project in the field of the energy industry, one must really have a lot of money. For this, the platform will sell coins to collect the necessary amount of investment. Therefore, Wppenergy has issued 5 billion tokens for subsequent sale. The price during private sales is set at 0.16. During the pre-sales period, a fixed price applies. It will not change for 62 days. The preliminary round began on July 15 and ends on September 15 this year. The goal of collecting investments during the Pre-ICO is to start developing two digital platforms to launch the first versions of the Green Energy Rebate program. The company decided that it will not spend its own funds for development, but will begin to independently collect investment from investors.
After successful sales of tokens, the subsequent publication of ICO will take place. This will increase the capital of the project and deploy three solutions to NGOs around the world, in order to build two digital platforms for work.


Today, the first stage of selling platform tokens takes place. They received an abbreviated name WPP. Before the end of the first stage there are about 6 days. At present, the soft-cap project has already been reached, so there is every reason to say that the project will reach the hard-cap, which is equal to 250 million WPP. For today the platform has already sold 13,332,655 coins. The price for WPP varies from 0.16 to 0.20.

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