Aimedis — operational medical ecosystem

Hello my dear followers, I’m glad to see you here and thank you for your activity! Today, we’re going to speak about one very important industry in our life medicine. Medicine technologies developes with an incredible speed, but medicine still needs some improvements. For solving this problems, Aimedis which is a decentralized, incentivized healthcare platform, offers us a unique solution.

About Aimedis:

Aimedis is a company which is co-operating with more than twenty hospitals in three countries and that have already help over than 10.000 clients. Aimedis ecosystem is provided by 2 blockchains, one private and one public. Aimedis gives to its clients the opportunity to keep control over their data even if they want to sell it. Also, in front of Amedias stays a team of word class specialists and professionals in medical industry.
Aimedis network has a DB in which all information about patients is kept. Due the implementaion of blockchain technologies, Aimedis can ensure the patient’s data secure. Users can share with their data only with certain number of doctors, or can keep them private in safe.

Why Aimedis?

Amedias has at its core a team with big work experience in the medicine industry. It is co-operating at this time with more than twenty hospitals in three countries.
Amedias will ensure the fully secure of its patients by using the technologies of blockchain. Users can don’t worry for their data and medical history.
Patients will be able to change with their experience and to leave a feedback to each other. Also, patients will have the opportunity to contact their doctors through video chat. By using this feature, patient will receive an online consulation and medical prescription. In this way, patients will receive medical services faster, all information and chats will remain private due the blockchain implementation.

AIM Token:

AIM Tokens will be managed in 2 ways. First, AIM holders will benefit from Aimedis ecosystem services. Also, Aimedis will develop AIM Social, a platform which will allow patients to help each other worldwide.
Another use of AIM Tokens is participating in trials for getting access in different medical records. For this patients will benefit by a fee from pharmaceutical industry and scientific research facilities and it is fully voluntary.


Aimedis is providing to its users solution to actual problems in medicine industry, solving that with the help of blockchain technologies. Aimedis will ensure the security of its patient’s data and give them new opportunites of services on Aimedis ecosystem!


Author: dn3
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