Netscouters ─ A global decentralized platform for young players

Every year, in the football industry, appears new big players, new legends that make children to appreciate them and to wish to become like them. The big players are supported all around the world, and probably, the soccer is the most popular sport in nowadays. There are a lot of amateur clubs with many children players members. And all of them has only one wish to become a big player. Due to the high costs per each season, many clubs just are closing and many potential players can’t practice any more football. Today, I’m going to present a solution to it and speak about Netscouters ─ a decentralized platform that aims to appraise, validate and authorize young football player’s skills.

Netscouters will help with infrastructure and finance amateur football clubs. The clubs will profit from a repay for all season costs. They can receive financial rewards or support from any kind of brand. For the accorded support, the clubs will give a certain percentage back to investors every year. The young players at its turn could practice this sport even if they have a bad financial or economic situation. They will have a chance to be seen by Professional Clubs or Agents because Clubs can access data and statistics to be involved in football.

Why is blockchain needed?

There are several advantages and demands thanks to which, the Netscouters team have chosen to use blockchain technologies. Some of this items will be presented below:

  1. First, it is no need for a Third Party. With the help of blockchain, the counterparty risks will be eliminated.
  2. Secondly, the middleman will be eliminated. The advertising agencies can be replaced with global promoters.
  3. Third, the most important advantage of blockchain is the transparency of all actions provided on the platform for the football economy.
  4. Another advantage of using the blockchain is the fast transactions and low-cost fees for them. This is a very important feature because investors don’t need to wait for several days before the bank will approve their transaction. In this case, any transaction will be held by several minutes at any time or day of the week.

How does it work?

For every action on a platform, the amateur clubs can be awarded tokens. For example, they have to upload any information about matches, their players, videos with them and so on.
Netscouters platform will allow seeing the player profiles in a “pay for view” mode. In this way, clubs can receive 70% from paid fees or advertisement in their videos. It will be sufficient for every amateur club to cover all season costs.
There are many advantages both for agents, clubs or normal users

One of the main advantages that will open big interest of normal users to Netscouters platform is that each of them can earn rewards for an objective review of one player. They can also show to a friend who participates in the activity of the platform and receives tokens.

For clubs in its turn, there will be a big database with many football young players to choose from. Each of them with a history, profile data, and videos of games. In this way, young players can be seen and selected for its future games and career as a part of one big club. There are also advantages for brands. They will be able to sponsor the favorite club and to receive a certain percentage back every year from the club’s income.
The advertisement will be seen by a million people and as a consequence, a big interest in this products will be opened.


Netscouters Platform is a universal solution for young football players. Its main goal is to support these children and to give him a chance to become a big player. For professional clubs, it is a great opportunity to have an access to a big database, from which they can select their future club members based on certain criteria.
Before investing, kindly study the WhitePaper and the project itself.

Thank you for being here and see you soon in the next articles!



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