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At the present time, we have tried to treat diseases using "blind" pharmacology, which means that we simply pump up with medications, hoping this will help. But, if you really understand why a normal cell turns into a cancerous one? What is the code behind this? What is the real mechanism that does this with the cell? Key for these questions is genomics because it can be used in the pinpoint and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, detection of infections, in oncology (analysis of the composition of cancer cells). New data also show that genomic medicine can increase the effectiveness of treatment of about 7 thousand common and rare diseases. In the future, genomics is able to answer questions from the category of "how to slow aging" and "how to defeat cancer." Even now doctors can pinpoint DNA.

But in centralized databases genomics can’t reach its full potential. Genomics can reach the full potential of decentralized databases, where data is not available to ordinary people and is also widely used for research. Shivom is changing this industry, delivering genomics to the blockchain.the team Shivom wants to create a unique database, which with the help of blockchain technology will give users the opportunity to provide data on their DNA - completely free of charge or for a fee. Such an information archive, which will be safely stored thanks to the functionality of the project, will increase the effectiveness of treatment, give medical professionals and scientists access to up-to-date and verified information that they were unavailable for a number of different reasons (geographic location, lack of correct statistical methods, etc.).in a nutshell The platform ensures of adding a unique encrypted ID with every genome linked with the owner DNA, which later on is added with a blockchain. The blockchain gives an assurance of safety & security of data.

The Shivom project plans, firstly, to add a material incentive for people to undergo DNA analysis because ordinary people do not see the point of analyzing their DNA so it will turn peoples mind more towards DNA people can earn money by providing their DNA data to research, scientific and medical organizations. And secondly, to receive individual consultations and treatment courses with the help of Shivom. Also a fact that representatives of the healthcare system, doctors, researchers and scientists, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc. will participate in the information exchange, simple and quick access to such a database will simplify the development of innovative medicines that will improve the level of provided medical services.

The technical implementation of the collection of genomes is quite simple:
if a person has already undergone a previous DNA analysis, he can upload his data online. Otherwise, everything necessary for analysis will be sent by ordinary mail, after which the person will need to leave samples of saliva in a special container and send it back to the Shivom laboratory. After carrying out the DNA analysis, the data will be recorded in the block, and the person will have access to the receipt of this information and be able to dispose of it independently.

Use of tokens

Using your own cryptocurrency will allow you to monetize the information provided, hence - to receive monetary benefits from the sale of collected information. Achievement of decentralization is possible only when using the internal project currency (OmiX) and block-technology. Crypto-currency turnover within the platform will give potential customers access to premium services and will allow data owners to use all the features of Shivom .

Future plans
The project was established in late 2016. Crowdsdale OmiX is scheduled for April of this year. After selling the tokens and getting the necessary investments, the project will provide users with all the above-described functionality. Therefore, in 2018 we can expect that with its help relations with various medical institutions and research centers will be established in order to ensure the full operation of the platform. In the middle of the year, the opening of Shivom is planned . We expect that this project will really improve the effectiveness of health systems around the world and will make the medical services more qualitative, which will not depend on the geographical location.

• total token supply - 3 billion tokens

• 1 ETH = 7000 OMX tokens

• Soft Cap - 20,000 ETH (Already achieved)

• Hard Cap – 75,000 ETH

• Total tokens for crowd sale - 990 Million




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