ApolloX is the very first blockchain solution for online e-commerce with a large number of existing participants. It also has the potential to disrupt the existing online marketplace landscape and become the first choice of online channels to sellers globally, especially new sellers with cross border selling needs. Existing marketplaces or shops may also migrate their business to ApolloX platform for cost reduction, faster customer acquisitions and better brand recognition. Starting a new business in the highly competitive e-commerce industry is no easy task. The good thing is we are not competing with Amazon or Alibaba directly but building an entirely new business model, something that cannot be copied by centralized businesses.

ApolloX also have a team with deep experience in e-commerce and a large number of resourceful supporters in the industry. 2018 is a year of rapid development of blockchain technology. The underlying efficiency of blockchain is improving and various foundational services on blockchain are quickly being built, such as file storage, identity management, exchange between different tokens, etc. ApolloX believes that in a few years, developing enterprise applications on blockchain will be as simple as developing applications on current cloud service platforms like AWS or Azure. For teams like us, who develop real-work applications in the early days of blockchain, they have to not only develop our own application logic but also expand the basic technology of blockchain. As a result, we decided to adopt a strategy of building the platform towards full decentralization, step by step.

Online e-commerce is a giant market. Targeting the global and full-category market will require a huge investment upfront and can easily result in slow development due to the lack of concentration. The team has a deep understanding of the growth strategies for the e-commerce marketplace and we designed our entry strategy to start at the vertical market of the gift category. Once ApolloX marketplace has achieved a small share in the gift category (such as $200 million annual sales), we will put more resources into exploring other categories.

How ApolloX Solves the Current Challenges

ApolloX handles the privacy data by encrypting them before storing them with the related parties’ public keys. ApolloX Protocol keeps every transaction and e-commerce activity in decentralized databases. Each participant on the blockchain can verify the integrity of data with permissions. Thus, the attribution for traffic and advertisement can be done through ApolloX Attribution Protocol without employing a centralized company by both sides. Sellers can review the performance of advertisement from all channels and publishers will get paid by the outcome directly from the sellers without layers of third-party agencies charging commissions. This will greatly reduce the advertisement cost and benefit everyone on the platform.

ApolloX Token Incentives

All various roles within the ApolloX ecosystem are incentivized to hold a certain amount of APXT tokens and actively acquire APXT tokens. They are also driven by a profit incentive to contribute resources to the community.

Incentive for New Buyers
Buyers can obtain free APXT tokens by setting up an account, filling in an address and payment information, associating historical shopping information, associating social network accounts, etc. The information of these buyers will greatly help the e-commerce platform to understand the needs of users and automate product recommendations. This kind of data is usually strictly controlled by traditional e-commerce companies. On ApolloX buyers can choose to offer their own data in exchange for tokens.

Incentive Sellers to Upload Best Selling Items
The number of best-selling items is crucial to the rapid growth of early e-commerce platforms. We determine whether a product is a best seller by the number of products sold over a period of time. When a new product is determined to be a best seller, the platform will reward the seller with a certain amount of APXT tokens to encourage more sellers to continue to bring their own excellent products to the ApolloX platform.

Encourage Integration of Third-Party Service with ApolloX
ApolloX will develop API interfaces to third-party service providers, including logistics, external traffic and more. ApolloX will provide APXT rewards when a service provider or third-party developer provides an integration with ApolloX.

Hold APXT Tokens to Receive Rewards
When an account holds a certain amount of APXT tokens for a period of time, they will become ApolloX premium members and enjoy the ApolloX platform's preferential treatment. For example, a premium member can get an additional 1% rebate point when purchasing a product. Premium sellers can get 10 free product listings and 10 free transaction per month.

About The Token Details and Sales
Apollox token, APTX is an ERC20 standard that is based on the ethereum blockchain and will be utilised for all transactions on the ApolloX platform.

Pre Sale Period: Sep 1, 2018 - Sep 21, 2018
Number of tokens for sale: 3,500,000,000 APXT (35%)
Pre Sale Bonus: 20%
Tokens exchange rate: 1 APXT = $0.0055
Acceptable currencies: ETH, BTC
Minimal transaction amount: 0.5 ETH, 0.025 BTC

Token Distribution

for more information on this great project, please visit
Website: https://apollox.network/whitepaper
Whitepaper: https://apollox.network/downloads/ApolloX_whitepaper_v2.2.pdf
Medium: https://medium.com/@apolloxnetwork
Twitter: https://twitter.com/apolloX_network
Telegram: https://t.me/apolloxgroup

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