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Cryptocurrency market which was formed just recently has grown explosively and has now moved to the stage of development and stabilization. This implies that any further market development depends on the availableness of a developed infrastructure and tools that allow the use of cryptocurrencies as a daily form of payment. The global cryptocurrency market is expected to reach $1-2 trillion in the late 2018 - early 2019 according to expert forecast.

About the Bixtrim Platform
BIXTRIM is a blockchain based innovative Cryptocurrency which will unite all the vital digital currency. With different set up retail banks, the Bixtrim ICO platform is hoping to subsidize the utilization of crypto-based records and thereby end up agreeable with numerous money related administrations necessities.

Bixtrim is of the believe that everyone should have an easier and quicker access to the crypto financial service and that is why they created a platform that will solve the current blazing problem in the crypto world. It will also include the different enhanced functions found on the exchange platform.

Market Issues faced by Cryptocurrency Exchange

  1. The long process involved in the withdrawal and conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat money. Both at large and medium crypto exchange platform, the process of withdrawal and conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat money takes time.
  2. Lack of fiat assets and low liquidity of cryptocurrencies.
  3. Low transaction speed and long confirmation time.
  4. There is no possiblility of trading on a predetermined time.
  5. There is only a single factor authentication.
  6. High tax on converting cryptocurrency assets into fiat.
  7. No guarantees for prepaid deals
  8. There is a limited connection between crypto market and retail market.

Solutions offered by Bixtrim platform

  1. The existing infrastructure available to the financial institution will help customers to be able to perform their transactions in an easier and faster way.

  2. The Bixtrim platform developed a Bixtrim pawnshop in which they act as a lender and owners of cryptocurrencies can use their assets as collateral and regain them back after fulfilling their financial obligations.

  3. The Bixtrim platform develops it's own cryptocurrency known as Bixtrim coins with the capability of performing 100,000 transactions per seconds with the aid of DAG i.e Directed Acyclic Graph.

  4. The Bixtrim exchange service acts anonymously and thereby guarantees contracts a predetermined deals.

  5. The Bixtrim coins and allowing other platforms will be protected by the multifactor authentication.

  6. The Bixtrim payment card does not charge tax when withdrawal of funds is made.

  7. The Bixtrim coins will have an avenue for a third party that is predetermined to secure the transaction.

  8. A revolutionary payment card will be issued and will be connected to cryptocurrencies and Bixtrim coins which help customers to pay in online stores.

Features of Bixtrim
Bixtrim is characterised by so many features, these features has placed bixtrim at a pedestal above similar projects and they include;

  1. A functional API
  2. Secure storage of funds
  3. Multifactor authentication
  4. Protection against intrusion
  5. A transparent reporting system
  6. Technical and consulting support
  7. Presence of fiat currencies
  8. High liquidity
  9. A detailed user interface

Token Information

Token BXM
Price 1 BXM = 1 USD
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC, LTC, ETH, Fiat
Minimum investment 30 BXM
Soft cap 6,000,000 USD
Hard cap 51,000,000 USD
Country Georgia
Whitelist/KYC KYC

Token Allocation


Meet The Bixtrim Team
Meet a cross section of the bixtrim team below; they are very experiencced sets of individuals and have taken it upon themselves to attain the goals of the Bixtrim project.


Bixtrim is picking up footing in the blockchain technology business with it's ideas. It is overcoming obstacles and getting small scale fund organisations to work with digital currencies. And it is determined to accomplish it's goals to the full.

For more enquiries and to participate on the Bixtrim token sale, kindly click on the links below;


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