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Fluzcoin- Revolutionary Retail Blockchain Platform



The Retail market dates back to antiquity showing that it has an ancient history. Most of the earliest retailers were itinerant peddlers and over centuries, retail shops have been transformed from little rude booths of the ancient era to the sophisticated shopping malls of this modern era.
Also, digital technologies are changing the way that consumers pay for goods and services purchased. The reatilinh system now support services like home delivery services, provision of credit, advisory services, and other supporting services such as the revolutionary Fluzcoin retail platform.

About Fluzcoin
Fluzcoin is a revolutionary retail platform that uses Blockchain and Ethereum based project which provides Fluzcoin holders with fast transactions and privacy which other blockchain protocols cannot provide to a satisfactory degree. The Fluzcoin retail protocol is specifically designed to solve the most common problems within Cryptocurrency such as cost, excess volatility, speed, and compliance. Their goal is to create a true retail coin that will be ready for merchant adoption and mass consumer.

The Fluzcoin platform has created Fluzcoin Artificial Intelligence in order to help resolve the potential crypto-economic volatility. In alignment with Fluzcoin supply and demand, the AI algorithm will provide real-time and computer aided market corrections. By merely holding the coin, Fluzcoin holders enjoy effortless staking of new coins. Transparency and a predictable path is the result of Fluzcoin's computer governed economy. Fluzcoin is determined to be the most rewarding retail platform avalilable.

The problems Associated With Retail Adoption of Cryptocurrency

  1. The unstable nature of the value of cryptocurrency is a cause for alarm. This drastic changes in value have proven to be a barrier and fear for those who actually want to use cryptocurrency to make retail purchase instead of fiat currency.

  2. Transaction speeds have been too slow and there is yet to be a stability in the cost of transactions on the side of retail merchant. The rise in the speculative value of cryptocurrencies results to an increase in transaction volume and in the shortest run, high transaction fees.

  3. The uncertainty of the regulatory framework is another barrier. Governments are struggling with how to regulate cryptocurrencies and not kill their noumenon positive utility such as helping unbanked and underbanked access retail consumption services, ensuring food safety through blockchain for the logistics industry. The cryptocurrency volatility is proprably what halts the forward movement of mass acceptance and use.

  4. There is also the problem of transaction speed, costs, excess volatility and compliance in accepting cryptocurrency as the true retail currency.

Fluzcoin Retail Protocol Solution

  1. Fluzcoin is not going to depend on only one blockchain technology but it will continue to evolve and develop its strength and capabilities in line with the forward motion of the blockchain industry.
  2. Fluzcoin will serve as a platform for a multitude of consumer finance service providers with the technical foundations to authorize future transfers and adapt the total to be transferred within a set range.
  3. With the Fluzcoin Consumer Insights API, merchants will be able to dock on and retrieve vital information through a guarded aggregate about the interests, behaviors and intentions of their shoppers.

Benefits of using Fluzcoin
Fluzcoin has so much potential amd benefits, highlighted below are few benefits users stands to gain on the fluzcoin ecosystem;

  1. Flexible payment terms
  2. Auto executed smart contracts
  3. Ease of use
  4. Simplicity of currency conversion between Fluzcoin and fiat currencies.

The EUNOMIA Foundation
The name EUNOMIA is adopted from the Greek mythology where EUNOMIA was the goddess of good order and lawful conduct. The goddess was associated with the internal stability of a state, enactment of good laws and the maintenance of civil order. In like manner, the EUNOMIA Foundation is responsible for maintaining the Fluzcoin Blockchain and Algorithm operations.

Token Information
FFC is the native token that will be used to power the fluzcoin platform. Its an ERC-20 standard token that is based on the ethereum blockchain and will serve to be used as the take-off token that will later be changed from an ERC to Fluzcoin on the Fluzcoin blockchain.

Token Ticker : FFC
Total Token Supply : 3,223,000,000 FFC
Tokens for Sale : 2,120,000,000 FFC (~65,78%)
Public Pre-Sale starts: 29.06.2018
Public Sale starts : To Be Announced
Token Price : 1 Fluzcoin = 0.1 USD
Token unlock : 1 month after ICO ends

ICO Allocation


The Fluzcoin platform has little to no risk at all. Human error will be will be rare due to fact that the daily management of it's affairs will be manged by the EUMONIA Algorithm.

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